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There are a number of factors that have contributed to their decline notably habitat loss, human-wildlife conflict and Illegal wildlife trade.
The cheetah, having the scientific name Acinonyx jubatus, originated about 4,000,000 years ago, long before the other big cats. Cheetahs have very low genetic variability and lower sperm count and motility than other cats. They used their speed to catch animals such as antelopes, rabbits, hares, birds, and lizards. However the more we know about the Cheetah then the more we can do to help to protect and sustain its current population. During a typical chase, a cheetah’s respiratory rate can increase from 60 to 150 breaths per minute.

It is believed that the species went through a prolonged period of inbreeding following a genetic bottleneck during the last ice age. To supply this demand cheetah cubs captured from the wild and then smuggled across the world. The oldest fossils have been found in North America particularly Texas, Nevada and Wyoming. Female cheetahs reach maturity in twenty to twenty-four months, and males around twelve months and mating occurs throughout the year. Most cheetahs live on the grasslands of Africa however they are also found in the Middle East region of Asia.
Cheetahs’ claws grip the ground as they run much in the same way that track spikes grip the ground for sprinters.
Today cheetahs are only found in 23% of their historic African range and are extinct in their Asian range except for a small population of about 100 individuals in Iran.
Of all the cheetah cubs smuggled it is believed that only one of in six survives the journey.
As per the findings, it is believed that cheetahs were common throughout Asia, Africa, Europe and North America about 10,000 years ago, until the end of the last Ice Age.

Gestation period is around 3 months and for about a year the females raise the cubs by themselves. It is believed that only 10,000 individuals remain in the wild and it is the only surviving member of genus Acinonyx. At that time massive climatic change occurred and caused large numbers of mammals to disappear along with the cheetahs. Despite their speed and hunting prowess, cheetahs are largely outranked by other large predators in most of their range like hyenas and tigers.
The cheetahs today found are thought to be the result of inbreeding of ancient cheetahsa€™ ad their closely relative animals. The weight of an adult cheetah is about 36 to 65 kg; length is from 115 to 135 cm and is 67 to 94 cm in height at the shoulder.

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