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There are no K-27 locomotives available out there.Put your name on it NOW, before it is gone!
Numbers 3930-3932, 3934, 3937, 3938, 3943 & 3944 were converted to burn oil and renumbered 3700-3707 in 1952. The 60 later engines in the UP's run of 16-axle articulateds were not designated by the UP as Challengers, but simply 4664-3 through 4664-5. The -3 and -4 designs were fitted with a vertical hinge between the driving units so positioned as to even the weight distribution between the front and rear driver sets. Six more locomotives of identical design were leased as #3800-3805 for the Denver and Rio Grande Western in 1943, which returned them in 1946. Data from 1946 Union Pacific Locomotive Diagram book supplied in May 2005 by Allen Stanley from his extensive Raildata collection. When the UP ordered more 4-6-6-4s in 1944, they took the opportunity to substantially rework the boiler of the 1930s variants described in Locobase 1406. See Locobase 338 for a description of the revised bearing design that permitted smooth riding at high speeds.
Data from Union Pacific 11 - 1946 Locomotive Diagram book supplied in May 2005 by Allen Stanley from his extensive Raildata collection. According to the locomotive diagram, the first 10 had Worthington feedwater heaters, then next 5 had Sellers had exhaust steam injectors, and the last 25 Worthingtons. My wife Terri played engineer for a day and the guy that has followed her around for the last 44 years, stands next to this massive must see train.

Yup - nice shots - reminds me of the event they have in Truckee, CA where they throw open all the classic locomotives and carriages.
They're all nice captures especially the second with the perspective of the size comparison. Random People 6-15-11 » Bookmarks Facebook Twitter Digg Tags - Make this thread easier to find by adding keywords to it! Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post Machinery 2010 Challenger Silver Paladin Photo Critique 10 06-20-2011 12:54 PM People My kids in al old locomotive ismaelg Post Your Photos! These Challengers were revised from the earlier CSAs by Otto Jabelman with smaller pistons, larger grates, and higher boiler pressures. The 4664-3s were numbered 3950-3969 from the start and never changed (except for 3968, which was converted to oil-burning in 1946 and renumbered 3944. The first ten were renumbered 3815-3824 in 1944, regained their original numbers in 1945 when they were converted to oil-burning, were coal-burners in 1946, converted again to oil-burning in 1949, and renumbered 3708-3717 in 1952. 3985-3993 were renumbered 3825-3833 in 1944, but took back their original numbers later, probably in 1946.
Hoping to confuse future compilers of steam locomotive information, the railroad renumbered the last ten locomotives of its earlier CSA-2 class and reused the original 3930-3939 for the first ten of this 1944 class. Fetters suggested basing a simple articulated design on the big 9000-series 4-12-2, thus invented the Challenger wheel arrangement.
It was donated by UP and installed at the park in October 1968 and is one of the largest locomotives made.

We were lucky last year to be able to ride the steam engine that runs from Williams to the Grand Canyon.
This beautiful blueprint of the Union Pacific Challenger locomotive will bring you back to the days when steam travel was king. See Locobase 338 for a description of the revised bearing design that permitted smooth riding at such speeds.
To stay competitive, a more powerful locomotive was needed to speed up the railroad and to reduce the rising cost of helpers and extra trains. Two inches were added to the diameter of the boiler and the pressure was raised from 220 psi to 255 psi. The firebox was enlarged and they added a four wheel trailing truck to carry its added weight. Burnett, the General Superintendent of Motive Power and Machinery, propose a test run for the new locomotive. Burnett had decided to operate it unassisted from Ogden to Wahstach and then run fast over to Green River before turning back to Ogden with another train.

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