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We have in stock used JOHN DEERE 4755, 1992, excellent, original condition, 7,289 hours, Power-shift, good tyres, front weights.
A primary reason for this weakness is the fact that John Deere makes agricultural equipment, and agricultural commodities have performed poorly over the past couple of years. Nevertheless I think that the weakness in agricultural commodities and by extension the weakness in Deere’s agriculture segment is temporary.
Thus the weakness in the company’s share price on Wednesday along with the longer-term weakness that we have seen over the past year is, more likely than not, creating a buying opportunity for longer-term investors. Second, John Deere gets about a quarter of its profits from its financial division.  The company lends its customers money to buy machinery from it.
Nasz Serwis uzywa plikow cookie, by zapewnic naszym Uzytkownikom maksymalny komfort przegladania.
As agricultural commodity prices fall, farmers have less money with which to buy tractors and other farm equipment made by John Deere and its competitors.

First, while its guidance for its agriculture segment is relatively weak, its guidance for its construction machinery segment is not weak. So unlike most other agriculture companies, John Deere is sensitive to the credit markets, and if there is a credit crunch, John Deere is vulnerable and may see losses. In the last year, the S&P 500 is up nearly 20 percent, whereas Deere shares are down more than 7 percent.
This has led the company to provide a weak outlook for 2014 sales in the company’s agricultural segment — in the press release referenced above, management predicts that the company’s sales will fall by 6 percent in 2014. Furthermore, John Deere returns far more capital to shareholders through share repurchases — since 2010, the company has reduced the number of shares outstanding from more than 420 million to about 375 million. Inne pliki cookie pomagaja nam rozpoznawac Uzytkownikow lub zorientowac sie, ktore tresci w Serwisie sa dla nich najciekawsze i najbardziej przydatne, przez co mozemy ciagle ulepszac nasz Serwis i dostosowywac go do potrzeb Uzytkownikow. This is despite the fact that John Deere shares trade at just nine times earnings versus the S&P, which trades at nearly 22 times earnings.

Therefore companies such as John Deere, which make products that increase the efficiency of farmland, should perform incredibly well. If you do not have an email or you do not know what it is please just enter your phone number (you will use it later to access your account).
Furthermore, John Deere is in a unique position to benefit from this trend given its strong brand recognition and its reputation for creating quality tractors and related agricultural machinery.

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