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Nice shots, I've been taking an interest in the NY Subway and railways but my knowledge is still severely limited. Different countries do things differently, and I think it's a maybe little unfair to criticise countries which still use high floor vehicles for medium - longer trips; after all, bums on seats pays for the service, not state subsidies like in the UK. As for the low floor ones, they look very old in these pics, but I think that's just different styling? Something to bear in mind is the significant snowfall received by many American and Canadian cities. The STM in Montreal were already committed to introducing low floor buses when I first visited in 2004 (built by NovaBus just outside the city limits).
What is the situation regarding low floor buses in the highly developed parts of Europe with cold winters, e.g. New York Hop On Hop Off buses can help you see all these attractions at your own pace – without the hassles of using the Subway system. The New York hop on hop off bus tours are divided into multiple loops that span difference areas of New York City. So although you are on your own when it comes to time, you also have a guide telling you about the city – and who you can ask questions!
The New York hop on hop off bus tours operate during all weather conditions, and you don’t have to worry about the weather.
During the colder months of winter, covered buses are used for these tours keeping you safe! Insider tip: A multi-day all around town tour turns out to be cheaper than individual loop tours. You can of course purchase the New York Hop On Hop Off bus tour ticket when you are in New York City, but a better option is to buy it online in advance. It has been suggested that MTA Regional Bus Operations and MTA Bus Company be merged into this article or section.
MTA New York City Bus #230 loops around Pritchard Square in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn on the B61 route to Bishop Ford High School.
New York City Transit buses, marked on the buses MTA New York City Bus, is a bus service that operates in all five boroughs of New York City, employing over 4300 buses[3] on 219 routes[4] within the five boroughs of New York City in the United States. Buses are labeled with a number and a prefix identifying the primary borough (B for Brooklyn, Bx for the Bronx, M for Manhattan, Q for Queens, and S for Staten Island).
Meanwhile, Nassau Inter-County Express uses n for Nassau County, and W (or BL) and S are commonly used by the Bee-Line Bus System (Westchester County) and Suffolk Transit (Suffolk County), respectively. Local and limited-stop buses provide service within a borough, or in some cases across two. Limited-Stop buses flash LIMITED on the destination sign and usually have an orange Limited sign in the windshield. Select Bus Service or +SBS+, the brand name for MTA bus rapid transit service, is a variant of Limited-Stop bus service that requires fare payment to be made before boarding the bus, at fare payment machines in shelters at designated "stations" (such a shelter is shown to the left). Buses used in this service are identifiable with blue lights on the sides of the destination sign and "stations" be similar to those pictured to the right, and also have a "+selectbusservice" wrap identifying them as such buses. Express buses usually operate between Midtown Manhattan or Lower Manhattan and the other boroughs.
In addition to a 100% accessible bus fleet, New York City Transit also provides paratransit services under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 under the Access-A-Ride brand, for customers who cannot use regular bus or subway service servicing all five boroughs of New York City at all times.[12] This system was acquired from the NYC Department of Transportation in 1993.
Within New York City, the color of the route on a bus stop sign indicates the type of service run.

Non-franchise services (such as private charter, suburban and tour services) have green lettering on white signage.
On February 23, 1947, the Board of Transportation took over the Staten Island bus network of the Isle Transportation Company.
Thus, in the late 1950s, the city operated all local service in Staten Island and Brooklyn, about half the local service in Queens, and several routes in Manhattan.
Student MetroCards, issued by the New York City Department of Education Office of Pupil Transportation, are distributed to all eligible students in grades 1-12 throughout the city. Dollar bills are not accepted on any MTA buses (or Bee Line or Atlantic Express fixed-route buses, which use the same fare collection system), as a vacuum is used to collect coins from the fareboxes,[28] and the process would tear dollar bills. MTA New York City Bus operates buses using conventional diesel, diesel-electric hybrid and compressed natural gas technology. Buses are dispatched from 20 garages across New York City, with heavy-duty maintenance done at three facilities throughout the city. But please can you make a santa monica bus!?Just like in the speed movie!It will be realy apreciated! I presume the numbers in the windscreens are the running number for the duty the bus is working. Going with a high floor bus full of seats, alongside an exceptionally good door-to-door minibus service for those who can't use it is a good answer to moving large numbers of people comfortably, without half the bus stood up as happens here. Until such time as they had enough low floor buses (and during winters when old high floor buses were needed, accessible bus routes ran with alternate high and low floor buses (and these were clearly indicated on timetables), so although disabled folk or passengers with child buggies couldn't necessarily just turn up and go, they could be assured of accessible buses. Only you know how long you want to take to see the city, and that’s why you get the multi day options as well. When you are in the bus, there is a guide telling you about the various attractions that you pass by. On the spot prices are invariably more than web prices, so you can save money buying in advance.
Get articles about New York City attractions, reviews of Broadway shows & restaurants, and more right in your inbox! The bus system is meant to complement the MTA's rail lines – the New York City Subway, Staten Island Railway, Long Island Rail Road, and Metro-North Railroad.
Some lines, such as the Q5 and Q85 cross the Nassau County border to go the Green Acres Mall in Valley Stream. The bus operator may discharge passengers at a location along the route that is not a bus stop, as long as it is considered safe. While local buses make all stops along a route, limited-stop buses only make stops at busy transfer points, points of interest, and heavily used roadways.
Receipts given for payment of fare are "proof-of-payment" that must be shown to fare enforcement upon request. Locations of stops (and in some cases, the local bus stops) were shifted or eliminated where possible to prevent mixing of local bus customers.
Unless otherwise signed, bus stops are reserved for use of specified services at all times. Further acquisitions were made on March 30, 1947 with the North Shore Bus Company in Queens, and September 24, 1948 with the East Side Omnibus Corporation and Comprehensive Omnibus Corporation in Manhattan. Several private companies operated buses in Queens, and the Avenue B and East Broadway Transit Company operated a small Manhattan system, but by far the largest system was the Fifth Avenue Coach Company and Surface Transit, which operated almost all Manhattan routes and all Bronx routes, plus two into Queens (15 Fifth Avenue - Jackson Heights and TB Triborough Bridge) and one within Queens (16 Elmhurst Crosstown). All other procedures remain the same, except that customers needing a transfer must board via the front door.
These Metrocards have a different color scheme applied to it, grades 6-12 having green lettering on a white background and some with orange lettering on a white background. The agency currently operates approximately 500 CNG coaches and over 900 diesel-electric buses, to grow to 1,286 by 2010.

If you do, you will find a very high percentage of low floor vehicles, included with higher technology the UK can only dream of at present. But as with trains they're also a lot less stylised, and maybe that's a good thing; too much thought is put into how buses look here rather than how they function.
There's a grandfather clause, meaning that it doesn't apply to stations built before 1990 (I think). You never know when you would need it, especially in the windy regions of Manhattan like nea the Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty or in Times Square! The Q2 and Q110 leave Queens as they run along Hempstead Turnpike and onto the Cross Island Parkway, and Belmont Racetrack in Elmont, where they re-enter the city. If the location is not "safe", the bus operator will discharge passengers at the nearest safe location.
Limited stop service was first attempted with the M4 bus during rush hours in 1973, then expanded to other routes from there.
In the event of the fare machine failing to issue a receipt, the bus operator must be notified of the problem. Fares are payable with a MetroCard or in exact change with coins (except Pennies and Half-Dollars). Depending on the distance between the student's home and school, a student might have to pay a half-fare ($1.10) in addition to dipping his card. In the 1970s, new bus transfers called "Add-A-Ride" coupons were made available, for half-fare, to supplement the then-current free bus transfers. The Q46 runs along Lakeville Road in Lake Success, Nassau County upon entering Long Island Jewish Medical Center. The usual setup is that limited stop service runs the full route, while local services run only in the limited stop area, and the limited stop buses run local at the tail ends of the route not served by locals, similar to the operation of some subway services and the Staten Island Railway. The B44 Nostrand Avenue line is scheduled to see implementation in the borough of Brooklyn either in 2012 or 2013.
To avoid legal issues, a new agency, the Manhattan and Bronx Surface Transit Operating Authority (MaBSTOA) was formed to operate the former Fifth Avenue Coach Lines and Surface Transit, Inc. Only Express Bus Plus and Pay-Per-Ride (with at least a US$5.50 balance) MetroCards work on express buses. USA City's are pushing for full clean air buses, LA for example is nearly all CNG and 90% low floor. As for road coaches, yes, they can be box like in appearence but the European flair is coming along in present designs. They originally used high floor buses with lifts, but the lifts broke down too often so they used low floor buses with ramps instead. This practice ceased when the fare rose above 20?.[27] Up to 3 children 44" tall and under can ride free with a fare-paying adult on a local bus. These passes are valid only for travel within New York City (but not valid on Bee-Line buses along Boston Road in the Bronx), and cannot be used for travel to and from Green Acres Mall.
The S89 is the only route to have a stop outside state borders, terminating at the 34th Street Hudson-Bergen Light Rail station in Bayonne, New Jersey.
One child under 2 riding in the lap of a fare-paying customer may ride free on an express bus.

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