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The Shops at Atlas Park has a unique collection of shops, restaurants, and services, over half of which will be making their Queens debut.
Beginning in late April and running through the summer of 2006, The Shops at Atlas Park will unfold, providing new things to see and do with every visit. You can expect extraordinary architectural models within your deadline, architectural models that reflect your design changes without change orders.
After the U-shaped piece is in place, fold down the top flaps and fold in the bottom panels to complete the central part of the tower. Glue the small tab at the top to connect the walls around and then fold down the roof, tucking the tabs inside the walls. Before gluing the thin piece inside the U-shape of the central part of the tower, make sure the parts fit together well. With a very small amount of glue on the edges, slide the interior piece inside the U-shape down the middle. Add the mooring mast to the top of the base, then the four decorative wings to its four corners. Assemble the short section with octagonal corners and glue it in place at the top of the tower. Architectural Scale Models, Topographical Scale Models, Study Models, Golf Course Models, Engineering Scale Models, Prototype Scale Models, Legal Models, Movie Models Southern Model is based in Atlanta, Georgia. The architectonic design is un’ generation art, the models, the concepts and of the information on the future construction.
New York’s first lifestyle center, The Shops at Atlas Park provides a shopping environment tailored to meet the needs of busy customers who value convenience.
Visit us again and again for an entirely new kind of shopping experience, right here in Queens. Therefore, we have redesigned the architectural model building process with your needs in mind.

Our new 3D to Laser process compresses our production time, while it increases your design development time. Buildings: Monochromatic, laser cut, detailed model showing delineation of facade, doors, windows, mullions, balconies, railings, trim and roof detail. Fold the piece into a U-shape with the row of little windows facing the inside and the flaps folded back at a right angle.
Before the glue is dry, look at the piece from several angles to make sure that all the corners are square and the piece is straight without twists or crooked edges. If you'd like, you can substitute a round toothpick or bamboo skewer cut to the right length with the paper glued around it. Glue the side tab to connect the side walls of the piece, and then after the glue is set, fold the top down, tucking the flaps inside. You can strengthen the antenna with a drop of cyanoacrylate super glue (see Tips) either before connecting the two pieces or after letting the assembled piece dry. Then assemble the smaller tier of setbacks in the same way and glue them in place near the top of the tower. Assemble the small tiers for the sides of the tower and tuck them into the holes of the setbacks at the base of the tower.
We are a full service scale model building company specializing in Architectural scale models. By using the architectonic designs you can observe your future inner designs using the models dell’ inner 3D. Whether it is a snack or a meal, a quick errand, or a longer shopping trip, Atlas Park allows you to savor the experience by providing covered parking and great stores all located close to home.
Our new process speeds production communications, and adds flexibility to the construction process. Make sure the U-shaped piece fits snugly inside the box with its edges flush with the edges of the first piece, so that step #2 will go smoothly.

If necessary, use a blunt toothpick or similar tool to push the smaller piece inward or outward to position it in the center. Fold the piece into a box shape with the flap attached to the roof tucked behind the flaps attached to the sides. You can look inside the bottom of the tower to make sure these are glued in place correctly. We also construct topographical, prototype, engineering, legal, golf course, and movie models. You can such sights inner elements like the colors of the wall the structures and the design of in reality virtual pavement. Eight theaters with stadium-seating showing the latest movies in comfort and style, and six restaurants with wonderful food and fabulous atmosphere. Although based in Atlanta Georgia, our scale models are on display world wide.We welcome the opportunity to prepare a proposal for your next model. You can visualize your architecture design concepts and ideas with clarity and analyze its strengths and weaknesses competently. From Zagat-rated restaurants to casual bistros and cafes overlooking The Green, we have the bill of fare you’re looking for.
3D architectural modeling has become a necessary part of almost all commercial as well as residential architecture projects. If you want the greatest variety and the freshest ingredients, you’ll be making regular trips to The Market at Atlas Park. You will find great service plus hard-to-find items located so conveniently in one great place, immediately adjacent to the covered parking.

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