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The prototype CR Tower was constructed of brick in 1913 at the north end of the Croton River bridge on the Hudson River or west side of the main line. I painted the model with Polly Scale Aged Concrete then used Prisma colored pencils to do the brick work color in various reds and browns. Looking south towards New York City, CR Tower can be seen on the right just beyond the signal bridge in this late 1950s view.
I hope this article inspires those who model the New York Central's Electric Division or just the northern end of it and the Hudson Division.
Larry Faulkner is a member of the New York Central System Historical Society, and originally wrote this story for their NYCentral Modeler e-magazine. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. After you have the floor plan drawn out on the foam board you can start making the walls for the first floor. Once all the walls are up for the first floor you can put in the floor beams that hold the floor of the second story up. I didn't do this very well cause of the trusses underneath being uneven cause of being cut with pliers but it turned out pretty good.
Great job on the project, even better considering you used just wirecutters and popcicle sticks! I'm not knocking anything about your model or the limitations of building something on a small scale. Many years later, when starting our junkyard diorama project, I decided I must had a gas pump.
I developed the blueprints based on an original Tokheim 39 gas pump with help of a great guy I met who owns one.

I wanted to make a highly detailed scale model so I searched the web looking for detail pictures of the pumps and parts.
I have to agree with you, weathering and junking things like gaspumps seem to give them more character and believability.
From our Readers - Doug Wilson's 1:10 scale Radio Control outdoor diorama will blow your mind! My current modeling efforts focus on the Harmon yard complex located 32 miles north from Grand Central Terminal circa 1952-1953.
There were fourteen Signal Stations from outside the Park Avenue Tunnel in New York City up to the village of Croton-on-Hudson. It was an electric interlocking machine with a 72 lever frame; 31 levers for signals, 29 levers for switches, 4 levers for traffic control, and 8 spare levers. The concrete window sills and lintels are Evergreen styrene strip as indicated in the drawings as are the horizontal trim pieces near the top of the tower.
I made an interlocking machine from styrene sheet and a trimmed coat zipper for the machine levers color coded red and blue.
I'd like to thank Jack Shufelt for answering my many questions and allowing me to jog his extensive memory bank. I tried to make a finished house out of a project just like this I did in school and it cost $200+ and that house was half the size. It caused me to recall an early model I designed and constructed in school a few years ago. I googled around looking for a good and realistic scale model but I just couldn’t find any satisfying gas pump. In 1968, the New York Central merged with rival Pennsylvania Railroad to form Penn Central.

I used Evergreen channel as overlay for the staircase covering Tichy Train Group staircase and landings part number 8208. I printed a scaled down track diagram and installed it behind the interlocking machine like the prototype.
The Electric Division had thirty circuit breaker houses on the main line along the Hudson River.
Also Mary Lambruschi and the good folks at the Croton-on-Hudson Historical Society for their expertise and sharing their village history.
I wanted to build from an actual set of blueprints and cut the different lumber to scale sizes etc.
I think there is no other place on the web with more information about gas pumps that this website with it’s huge forum. You can choose your scale, make an build your gas pump to join your model cars collection, or diorama.
I used some etched stainless steel I had in my scrap box for the platform section of the stairway. There were the assorted electrical cabinet relay boxes on both sides of the tower along with the cement posts used to support the heavy wires coming and going from the tower to the signals and electric switch motors that CR Tower controlled.
Her gentle encouragement stirs my creativity to model my beloved New York Central Railroad and always challenges me to do better. Shady and lazy contractors will try to get away with shoddy design and workmanship compromising safety and taking your money.

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