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The MTA says it will consider running an F express train after it wraps up work on the Culver Viaduct.
The much-demanded F express is now part of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s train of thought.
The MTA revealed it is considering implementing express service on the F line that would race between Downtown and Coney Island — appeasing residents across the borough who say faster trains could get the overburdened line back on track. When the long-overdue renovation of the Culver Viaduct finally wraps up in a few weeks, the agency will study the line and determine whether express service is viable, an MTA official told councilmembers on Tuesday. Carroll Gardens commuter Gary Reilly, who promoted the idea of an express train in an online petition and blog, said it’s about time the MTA gets moving on the proposition.
But, Reilly said, the MTA needs to do it right to make sure that commuters in Brownstone Brooklyn don’t get stuck on the platform as express trains race through their stations. This isn’t the first time the agency has said it would consider adding an F express train after work on the viaduct wraps up. Technical Note: I increased contrast and brightness a bit and cropped down the original slightly. Standing in Hoboken, we see that tonight the Empire State building is dressed in Blue and White for Hanukkah. From a happy customer to the Brooklyn painters team that painted my place, I'm just sharing a great experience.
NYC Rules provides a public overview of the City's rulemaking process, notice of proposed rule changes, and the ability to comment on proposed rule changes.
There will be no Q train service between Prospect Park and 57th Street during the weekends of Jan. Southbound Q trains operate express between Kings Highway and Brighton Beach during the weekend of March 17-19. Also burned and dodged around the G on the front of the train a bit but it's still not as clear as I would have liked.

I like the curve of the train, the American flag, and grass growing on the tracks, and the NY skyline in the distance. Give us a call with your paint project request and our professionals will provide you with an expert advice, impressive color selection and a fast, reliable service.
This specific station is located above ground and allows for a nice view of the city and of approaching trains.
We implement preparation, products and applications guaranteed to give your home an instant makeover. Your painting work has been the single most effective improvement for uplifting the looks of our home.
20-21) Q train service will be replaced by shuttle buses between Kings Highway and Atlantic Avenue. Our services cover all of Brooklyn and deliver methods focused on interior and exterior spaces with experience and attention at fair prices. Thank you for providing us with such great painting service, I had the opportunity to hire you. I was amazed at how clean, precise their work was The difference that made to our home is amazing. We are painters, decorators and tradesmen responsible for the painting and decorating of many fine homes and businesses throughout Brooklyn, NY.
I appreciate the quality of painting and preparation it took to make our home look great and the concise way of explaining things. Hipster, would it not be better to remove police patrols from those areas of Brooklyn to keep the educated people out?
You mean the people from flyover land that came to Nieuw Breuckelen with 'liberal arts' degrees are educated? Diehipster is willing to make life more miserable for the local white people who work in the city.

You can't have it both ways and expect expensive bike lanes and more train service since both are competing for the same money.
The G at only 4 cars does not have the capacity to handle the crowds at any bypassed stations (Carroll, Smith 9th,, 4th Ave, 15th St, FHP). I would like an f express train option since I live off this line, and I would like to see more trains at rush hour as teh train is jammed packed and miserable, but I doubt any of us will actually live to see it. I read an interesting fact that the mta can only run around 26 trains an hour while in friggin Russia, they can run 40 trains an hour on the Moscow subway. So, no, there clearly is no libel here Tal, and I really don't even understand where you could come up with such a statement. BTW they could run more trains during rush hour if they had the personnel and maybe the trains.
They got caught keeping a second set of books, which in any other setting means people would go to jail, but not so with the MTA. The Pension scam that is going on right now is so out of control that the FBI has basically given up trying to prosecute people because it requires more manpower than the FBI has. So yes, Tal, tell people how tired you are, tell people to pay more for something that is ripping them off each and every single day.
If you had a clue you would understand that, but instead you type out nonsense saying "Yes pay more to this rip off plan and smile about it, because I Tal who knows all, once went to a meeting where no one cared, and that means I know everything, so let me get in my car which pays for a small part of the MTA budget and dictate to 9 million people what they should do because my name is Tal, King of all Donkeys, and dweller of Pleasntville, worship me or I will get Dov Hikind to use the government to censor you!!!! Your comments tend to be on the level of someone who did not graduate from high school, and are less factual than a Baghdad Bob press conference. So maybe you should ask yourself what is more likely, Tal is a genius and everyone else is wrong and stupid, or Tal is wrong and does not get it?

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