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This iconic Pennsylvania steam locomotive is a must-have for every serious PRR steam collector.
The PRR S2 direct-drive steam turbine powered locomotive was a unique experiment in motive power. We are offering the S2 in four different ways - As Delivered (with no smoke deflectors), with Small Smoke Deflectors and with Large Smoke Deflectors. Its six-wheel leading truck, eight drive wheels and six-wheel trailing truck made for a massive running platform that was quite efficient when the S2 was at speed.

The large boiler sports a Belpaire firebox and the turbines exhaust was channeled through four pipes in the smoke box. And for those who enjoy the varnished brass colored unit which truly makes each and every detail pop, that is also available in limited supply. Originally, the S2 was to be a 4-8-4, but wartime restrictions on the usage of lighter steel alloys forced the use of heavier alloys - eventually driving the weight of the entire locomotive to need larger leading and trailing trucks. We also take reservation requests for future releases, and would love to have you join our newsletter.

We want you to be 100% satisfied, and if for any reason you aren’t, we will provide a full refund less shipping.

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