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The Broadway Limited as one might have seen it after arriving late at the historic Penn Station in New York, night crews cleaning and prepping the cars for use the following day. Seen from a more common daylight perspective, the Broadway's tail car is a little less ominous, and you can see the semi-reflective shine of the cars as they would have appeared when they were new. Re-live some great moments in history in miniature with Kato?s ?Broadway Limited? pulled by the GG1.

Broadway Limited 2740 - Amtrak Diesel - Discount Train: A huge variety of model trains and accessories at deep discounts! You had a choice of six types of private rooms ranging from cozy Roomette to luxurious Master Room with a private bath and shower. It also had an Observation-Lounge and Club-Lounge cars with game tables, magazines and refreshment buffets and a Master Dining Car that served food in the traditional ?Broadway Limited? manner.

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