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The route of the California Zephyr covered 2,525 miles and took an average of two and a half days to complete. The beautiful Budd cars of the original California Zephyr train provide service that spanned many iterations.
The Chicago Burlington and Quincy handled the train from Chicago to Denver, Colorado, where it was then handed over to the Denver and Rio Grande Western.
The Denver and Rio Grande Western would then handle it until reaching Salt Lake City, Utah, where it would be taken over by the Western Pacific for its final leg into California. As routing disputes and various other factors came in to play, cars were pieced out to other railroads, repainted and used for service on their own lines.

Scheduling intentionally placed the trains in the grandeur of the Feather River and Rocky mountains during daylight hours, while the Nevada deserts and plains states were crossed at night.
Broadway Limited is pleased to bring you some rare pieces of passenger car history with these Ex-California Zephyr cars in C&NW, FNM, and UP! This practice allowed passengers the most breath-taking views of the route during the day time. Each railroad contributed cars to the California Zephyr, lettered for the participating roads. The California Zephyr was the grandest (and thus the most famous) way to reach the Golden State and the West.

Join Broadway Limited Imports, as we remember one of the all-time premier trains with our upcoming HO Scale models, which will include the stainless steel cars and locomotives, all decorated and complete with interior detail, lighting, underbody appliances plus of course our now famous sound-equipped locomotives.

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