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Black and white photograph showing GG-1 #4902 leading theBroadway Limited over the Northeast Corridor. The official railroad museum of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania is administered by the Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission, with the active support of the non-profit Friends of the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania. The Broadway Limited as one might have seen it after arriving late at the historic Penn Station in New York, night crews cleaning and prepping the cars for use the following day.
Seen from a more common daylight perspective, the Broadway's tail car is a little less ominous, and you can see the semi-reflective shine of the cars as they would have appeared when they were new. Initially Baltimore seemed to become the most important harbor for transatlantic shipping and the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad (B&O), founded in 1827, connected that port, first with horses as motive power.
In 1927 the B&O introduced it’s crack train The Capitol Limited, an all-Pullman, on the Baltimore – Washington – Chicago run. Broadway Limited 2740 - Amtrak Diesel - Discount Train: A huge variety of model trains and accessories at deep discounts! The electric GG-1 locomotives such as the one in this image were built in the late 1930s and early 1940s for the Pennsylvania Railroad, which used them on the Northeast Corridor between Washington and New York and on the line between Philadelphia and Harrisburg.
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The B&O intended to link the Atlantic with Chicago, but then the New York Central and the Pennsylvania Railroad, the "Pennsy", were victorious. In 1938 the Broadway became a red streamliner, styled by Raymond Loewy, hauled by the traditional K4 Pacifics and for a short time even by the black "Big Engine" 6100, world's fastest steam locomotive.
Walthers, Inc., is dedicated to manufacturing and distributing high quality model railroading equipment worldwide.
NYC's Fast Mail, the Lake Shore Limited and in 1902 the 20th Century Limited became the trains of prestige.
Based on equipment in service on the famed Broadway Limited from 1953 to 1968, the train includes nine all-new cars, many of which were also used on other Pennsylvania streamliners. A family-owned and operated company, now in its third generation, Walthers provides over 200,000 different items for model trains from over three hundred manufacturers. Whilst its competitor, the "Century", disappeared, Amtrak continued to run the Broadway for some time. In 1963 the B&O was merged with the Chesapeake & Ohio, from 1973 forming the Chessie System. With Amtrak, the Capitol Limited survived after some changes on the Washington – Chicago route.

As it did not suffer the restrictions of the New York tunnels, it was equipped with the excellent Superliner cars. In 1938 the "Century" became even the most beautiful streamliner, styled by Henry Dreyfuss. Then it was dieselized, but some ones of its various sections still for a time were hauled by the legendary black Niagaras.
It was reported that on some station outside New York they did not fully stop, passengers and luggage were lifted aboard while the train was still slowly moving and then the Niagara continued thundering through the night. Amtrak continued on its route only the Lake Shore Limited, from 1996 equipped with the new Viewliner cars.

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