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I have given this Brio Circular Set to at least five different two year olds and it has always been a big hit. Written permission is needed for resuse of logo or images where the original owner of the work has asserted their own copyright terms. This traditional BRIO train set focuses on the loading and movement of freight with a battery powered engine which pulls up to two freight wagons.
Your littlens will appreciate the detail in this train set which encourages them to create stories and games which will keep them enthralled for hours. A complete wooden train set which comes with engine, coaches, caboose, roadway vehicles, bridge, railroad crossing, city buildings, figurines, tree, bushes, and road sign to play with! The fun is endless with this cute train set, this train set will keep little engineers busy for hours.
Set comes complete with engine, coaches, a bridge, buildings, city vehicles (police cruiser, ambulance, cars, buses), road signs, trees, and figurines.

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Almost all of the large brand names that make wooden trains like BRIO Train have these kind of sets.. When a friend had her second baby I sent the panda train set as a big brother present along with the baby gift.
Although a very basic set it is compatible with the rest of the Brio range meaning you can add to your set over time. You'll get regular doses of goodies and first dibs on exclusive discounts and offers!Never fear! Wooden Train Set Compatible with Thomas & Brio Avaliable best prices limited only The Deluxe 80 Pc.
I always give kids trains when I need a present for a two year old and they have never failed to please.

She called me to thank me because it kept her two and a half year old busy for ages while she took care of the new baby. The engine is battery powered which makes it extra fun as well as being easier if they haven’t got the hang of pushing it around.
Something about how they line up and connect together, or about how you can push them all together along the track. Best of all you don’t have to brave a pre-Christmas Ikea as it can be purchased online.
Maybe it is the Chugga-Chugga-Whoo-Whoo sound effects that go along with them (or Chuff-Chuff-Woo-Woo if you are a Kipper fan, and I am).

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