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In 2002, GE released the first of a new series of locomotives that would replace the popular Dash-9 series. Named as one of the "10 Locomotives That Changed Railroading" by industry publication "Trains Magazine" the GE Evolution Series is a line of diesel locomotives built by GE Transportation Systems, designed to meet the U.S. The ES44DC and ES44AC, commonly called GEVOs for General Electric Evolution series, were designed to meet the stricter diesel locomotive emissions standards imposed by the EPA Tier II regulations.

The ES44AC (Evolution Series, 4400 HP, AC traction), specifically, is meant to replace the AC4400CW model in GE's range.
Both the bore and stroke were increased to produce the same 4400 horsepower as the older 7FDL16 16-cylinder engine. The ES44DC and ES44AC external details have changed with almost every year’s new orders.

These models are of the early version produced in 2005 and 2006 and include the nose door on the left side, two closely-spaced dynamic brake vents, X-panels on the electrical cabinet with a capacitor box on the walkway just behind it, side grab irons on the long hood and flush-mounted top radiator grilles and radiator compartment doors.

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