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The 200 QX BL builds on the agile flying characteristics of the 180 QX HD, upgrading to powerful brushless motors.
Ideal for beginners and video enthusiasts, Smart Mode enables smooth and steady flight with self-levelling, altitude and position hold features. In camera mode, advanced stability and small pitch and roll angle limits combine with smooth electronic self-leveling for stable image and video capture. Pitch and roll limits are expanded to offer a larger flight envelope while electronic self-leveling continues to provide positive stability.
Pitch and roll limits are removed, and pilots can fly with enhanced precision in all aerobatic maneuvers.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Taking design ques from the 350 QX, the 200 QX BL with SAFE Technology will perform beyond your expectations with a 4-1 power to weight ratio.
The innovative SAFEa„? Circle feature prevents the 200 QX from flying too close to the pilot.
The 200 QX is the little brother of the 350 QX and was designed with power in mind so you can not only carry a payload, but can have a blast with aerobatics too.The 200 QX is the perfect blend of power and functionality, making it one of the most fun-to-fly products we’ve designed to date.
The 200 QX is built for anyone looking to upgrade from their Nano QX, 180 QX HD, or someone wanting an extremely powerful yet stable quad copter to improve their piloting skills.

While in Smart Mode, a pilot can fly with stick relativity; this allows the 200 QX to follow the stick inputs from a pilot regardless of the orientation of the quad-copter. Everything from the translucent body with internal lighting to the incredible power, the 200 QX is sure to please everyone who gets their hands on it!

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