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Indeed, even if I haven’t traveled yet with the 60000 MSE, in my opinion, the best traveling experience in Japan is with the Romancecar. Muza-chan are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. This entry was posted in Guides, Guides, Japan, Switzerland and tagged best train travel destinations, luxurious train travel, luxury train journey, train journey. Best Train Beautiful Wallpaper 5 is filed under nature2 and ,beautiful photos, beautiful wallpapers, nature wallpapers.
I doubt that train (an E2 series) got you to Narita, as they only operate on the Tohoku and Nagano Shinkansen lines - ironically you'd be travelleing in the opposite direction to Narita Airport! Perhaps actually visiting Tokyo and taking your own pictures might be a tad more productive? I have a ton of footage of Narita Express, but it looks like I mixed it up, however that does look like the bullet nosed NEX, (the ones with the distinctive NEX on the side of it).
The Narita Express uses 253 series trains (these are to be replaced by E259 series trains), all have flat fronts. There were plans for a Narita Shinkansen but it was never built, and there are no other trains in Japan that use the nose of the E2 series. Perhaps you missed what I said - the Keisei Skyliner doesn't have a 'bullet nose', it has a fairly flat angled front with forward access. You tell me to get a life, yet you're the one posting at what 5-ish Eastern Time, and claiming to have resided in a foreign country, yet not actually know nothing about it?
Perhaps you ought to take the advice of your own last sentence instead of spamming the forum with useless rubbish of imaginary trips. Theres nothing quite as funny as an Englishman pretending to know everything about Japan, without speaking a word of Japanese, and jumping on a mistake and assuming the worst, ie that only he and no one else has lived or been there. Almost fifty-two hours, and countless vivid scenes later, the California Zephyr is one of best American rail trips available today. More of the best train trips in the United States include the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad, Alaska Railroad, and the incredible Grand Canyon Railway. Top Canadian train trips like a classic sojourn through the Rockies are the best parts of visiting America’s northern neighbor. The countless combinations and connections of train routes means anyone can create fully customized railroad vacations and fashion routes that result in the perfect, personalized peregrination. The benchmark by which all other journeys are measured is the Orient Express, viewed as the standard for luxury travel.  The Venice Simplon journey is the best of the range available on the famous trains, travelling through the French, Swiss, and Austrian countryside in the lap of luxury. A train is a connected chain of vehicles for rail transport that move along a track to transport freight or passengers from one place to another.
I would think your vision would be blocked by the massive amount of people surrounding you.

Some people start to investigate places that have ghost stories, but these places are actually haunted by history. The Grand Canyon is 446 km long, up to 29 km wide and attains a depth of over a mile 1,800 meters.
From Turtle Bay (Grand Central) to Tokyo (Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Yurakucho, Tokyo, Ueno) to some of the best in old Europe (Nyugati, Keleti, Dresden Aldstadt, Praha Hlavni Nadrazi).
I couldnt find another photo of what I thought to be the bullet nosed NEX, if you could post one that would be good. Thats a typical English look down on others attitude there Nick, you may wish to reign that in. You are just a typical English guy who thinks he knows everything, and no one is allowed to know more about Japan than him. Still doesnt change the fact you are a rude git and that Ive been traveling and living on and off in China, Japan, etc since I was about 10. Travel via Amtrak on the fabled Northwest Passage on a spectacular journey beginning in Oregon and ending some twelve hours later in British Columbia. This train excursion travels almost 2,500 miles across seven scenic states where Western pioneers once settled barren lands. These are some of the best American rail trips for combining vintage transportation with America’s grandest attractions visited by millions of people every year. The shining jewel of every cross-Canada adventure, the Rocky Mountain train ride carves through the mountains from Calgary to Vancouver or vice versa.
From the Northwest Territories to the Napa Valley wine train and beyond, the hundreds of thousands of miles of train tracks blanketing North America amount to a resource any traveler can tap in to, to go anywhere, anytime, with anyone. While the Orient Express demands guests are well-heeled and smart, the 1,200 mile Magic of the Orient can be done in luxury without having to dress up for it.  The train meanders its way through tropical countryside between Singapore and Bangkok, and treats guests to fine cuisine, piano-side sing-alongs, and top-class service. Top Canadian train trips include the long and scenically pleasing cross-Canada train route. One of the most beloved highlights of one of the best train trips in North America is the abundance of wildlife spotted all along the epic route. The longest tunnel in the United States, emigrant migration routes, Colorado canyons, the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and the California Central Valley are the big shots on this wandering track.
The Polar Bear Express is another enduring course that rides the rails in the summer months from Cochrane in the province of Ontario, to gorgeous Moosonee on Canada’s James Bay. Another classic train ride is the Trans-Siberian Railway, a 6,000 mile trundle through Russia which crosses seven time zones.
And every year there are more and more English people trying to tell the world what great Japan experts there are. It is an amazing long-haul excursion from Vancouver to Toronto, or even farther to Halifax if desired.

Passengers experience historic towns, local festivals, wonderful museums, collective food markets, sprawling cities, and much more along the way. The California Zephyr is still a rite of passage for some, and a route where every experience is worth pondering. Festive special trips on these routes, including Polar Express trains, make any of these magnificent rides even more memorable. This train ride is an ideal way to experience the charms of the north without dedicating a lot of time. This is a vintage train journey with well-fitted first class carriages, a dining cart, and on-board private chef. They would give the benefit of the doubt and know that sometimes, people post erroneous information, or make spelling errors. Lasting four to six days in length and leaving on numerous weekly departures, anyone can jump this train and get a comprehensive look at Canada’s diverse culture and rich history. The Royal Scotsman is perhaps another favourite from the bucket list, an exclusive journey in private mahogany Edwardian state cabins. Each of the 36 passengers enjoy armchairs and sofas, and the dining room can resemble a moving gentleman’s club.
The four-night tour of the Scottish Highlands takes in spectacular views of lochs, waterfalls, mountains, and glens, with stops at a castle, a smokehouse, a distillery and a trip to Skye.
If luxury is your choice, consider the Palace on Wheels in Rajasthan, India, in a train resplendently decked out and lavishly furnished.  Guests are treated to an elephant welcome in Jaipur, and treats along the way include lunch at the Lake Palace in Udaipur, a camel safari near Jaisalmer and an afternoon at the TajMahal. The Glacier Express in Switzerland is another luxury option, pulling its guests up to the ski resort of St Moritz. One of the newest on the list is the Great South Pacific Express, zipping between Sydney and Cairns with an overnight stay in Brisbane.  This is more than a train ride though, including a helicopter trip to the Barrier Reef and snorkelling with marine life in the deep blue sea. The Shinkansen in Japan is an unashamedly modern experience on a Silver Bullet train, shooting between Tokyo and Kyoto in just two hours and 10 minutes.
This train used to stake a claim as the fastest in the world, and the sheer exhilaration of being on board makers it worthwhile. Finally, the Blue Train in South Africa is the peak of indulgence, with ultra-modern facilities and 27 for just 84 passengers.  The train takes in stunning scenery between Pretoria and Cape Town, including spectacular views of Table Mountain.

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