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At our HO scale club we've tried several types of track cleaning cars and the only one that really cleans the track well is a CMX Clean Machine filled with lacquer thinner followed by a Centerline car running dry to mop up any residue. A couple of drops of that on the railhead at the busiest part of your model railroad will keep the track and wheel pick up contacts cleaner and running better than they ever have. In my collection I also have an old RibbonRail car, but the tank is cracked so it is a shelf queen also on that shelf is an old Gilbert track cleaner, that is a dropped center flat car, but it needs a new scrubber brush that I think I will have to fabricate. All those cars mentioned in my last reply run over PECO turnouts as they make up about 90% of my turnouts and they do so with out a problem. The only thing to make sure of is that the wrapping of the J-Cloths on the Centerlines or if you use those cloths on the AZTECS, are wound the correct way.
Atlas has a wide array of layout books in all scales to help you along your way to building your first layout or your next one. These books feature tons of illustrations and instructions to take your layout from start to finish.

For an easy and relatively inexpensive layout option, Atlas has teamed up with Woodland Scenics to offer several layout systems in HO & N scales. By combining all of these resources, along with some hard work, diligence and patience, your Atlas layout won't just be a dream, it'll be reality.
It's Aurora Model Motoring and AFX track with 3 independent train tracks and a reverse loop. This publication includes all of our track pieces, accessories, structures and layouts that are available in N, HO & O scales and is updated yearly. Fortunately, Atlas makes it easy with over 100 different layout options for your to choose from. These systems come with the Woodland Scenics SubTerrain products and the Atlas Track Packs and combine to make your first layout experience an easy one. No, Timmy, we are also the leader in scale track and accessories in all scales, featuring comprehensive lines that make it easy to create any layout that you can dream up.

The 200+ photos show you in detail what each piece of track available looks like so you can readily see how it can fit into your layout, be it new or pre-existing. Each layout includes all of the track and electrical components necessary to build, as well as construction plans. We know that wading into such an endeavor can be overwhelming, so we've prepared a few items to help you understand the various Atlas track lines and model with it.

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