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The Marion Steam Shovel Company of Lima, Ohio, constructed a series of steam operated rail mounted log loaders for use by logging companies.

The loaders, known as Barnhart loaders, travelled on rails laid on the railway flatcars which were used to transport the logs out of the woods. More detailed pictures, including shots of the inside, steam engine, drums and gears and more can be found here and here on Flickr. Aan de voet van ‘De Hoge Hill’, de hoogste duintop van Domburg, liggen onze in 2013 herbouwde luxe vakantieappartementen ‘The Hill’ en de 'The Hilltop'. Bits of Freedom is the Dutch digital rights organization, focusing on privacy and communications freedom in the digital age.
Developed back in the 1880s, Barnhart Log Loaders quickly became very popular with lumber crews everywhere.
It is the only surviving Barnhart log loader and was with the former Lackawanna Lumber Company in Cross Forks, PA.
Once added to your personalized homepage, just edit widget settings to select your desired view. A number of these were delivered new into Canada and a number of others may have been brought in second hand. As each flatcar was loaded, the loader moved backwards until it came to the end of the car.

These steam powered loaders were highly versatile as they could not only load logs onto trains but also drag rough timber up to the loading site. Barnhart loaders were developed in 1887 by Henry Barnhart, co-founder of the Marion Power Shovel Company, Marion, Ohio.
It then hauled itself across to the next car by means of a U-shaped piece of steel channel. The cab freely rotates 360 degrees on its base, but due to fine detail and scale size considerations, winch does not operate.
The Barnhart ran on rails mounted on top of the log cars and moved under its own steam power. This saved having to move the cars to be close to the logs to be loaded, and ensured that the loader was always in the right place for loading. The Barnhart was noted to be more expensive to operate, and keep in working order, than some other loaders.

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