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Developed back in the 1880s, Barnhart Log Loaders quickly became very popular with lumber crews everywhere. The logging truck hauls the trailer, also known as a log dolly, in a piggy-back configuration.
This old green beast of a front-end loader was barely running, which is why they were using the self-loader.  These were two weary old machines.
Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. These steam powered loaders were highly versatile as they could not only load logs onto trains but also drag rough timber up to the loading site.
They were often used for hauling gold, silver and coal ore along tight, winding narrow gauge railways.

The cab freely rotates 360 degrees on its base, but due to fine detail and scale size considerations, winch does not operate. These precarious short lines often skirted some of the finest secluded fishing spots in the country. The dense forests covering the north shore slopes once contained stands of hemlock, fir, and cedar of a size and quality comparable to any on the Pacific Coast.
On a base of solid teak wood, this diorama depicts a rather humorous scene as the engineer takes a little time out to fish his favourite "bridge pool".
By the time trees started to fall along the Capilano the development of steam-driven logging machinery was in full swing. The greatest advances were made in yarding or moving logs from the woods to skidroad or railway.

Steam powered yarding found its way to the west coast around 1890 and, within ten years, had largely displaced the draft animal.
In January 1932, the company and the water board signed an agreement providing for a gradual withdrawal of logging operations from the watershed.

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