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Baldwin produced the famous "Centipede" diesel locomotives during 1945-48, and sold them to three railroads (SAL, NdM, and PRR). Each unit contained two 1500 horsepower diesel motors, so a pair contained four motors and totaled 6000 horsepower. Centipedes were heavy, totaling 1,200,000 pounds (1.2 million) for a pair, with more than 800,000 of those pounds carried by the 16 drivers.

Paragon2 locomotives offer Dual Mode DC and DCC operation with superb back EMF motor control in DC and DCC, recordable DCC operation for automated playback, the same detail level as the original Paragon Series, and the familiar sturdy maroon box. All trademarks and copyrighted material within these web pages, remain the property of their respective holders. DMW, the creator and maintainer of these web pages, assumes that all contributions are made free of charge.

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