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We just received a sample of Bachmann’s much anticipated On30 model of the Stearns-Heisler Geared Steam Locomotive. For a complete review of this model that includes the history and a full running test don’t miss Test Track in the May 2013 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman. Bachmann trains have a rich and storied history that will come as a surprise to even the most ardent train enthusiast.
G Scale a€“ Applicable for use both indoors and outdoors, they are the largest scale of train that Bachmann produce in series form. The scale system was put in place for a reason and will help buyers avoid purchasing the wrong size trains for their railroad setups. Bachmann as a brand remain at the forefront of model train innovation and continue to release new locomotives regularly. Maintenance a€“ Modern Bachmann trains have complicated interior mechanics and present more issues than vintage models. Weight a€“ Modern trains are constructed from light materials that offer increased speed and aerodynamics. There are arguments both for and against the use of modern trains; it is an argument that will seemingly go on forever amongst collectors. Vintage Bachmann locomotives are considered the premier models in any model railroadera€™s collection.
Paintwork a€“ Vintage trains often show the effects of time and this is most evident in their paintwork. Box a€“ If buying a vintage Bachmann train for collection purposes, shoppers should pay close attention to the condition of its box (if it has one). The exterior of a train will need polishing, avoid chemical based cleaners and stick to a standard polish.
The wheels of a train are different to the rest of a model and require more focused attention.
Staying on top of the cleaning process ensures that the lifespan of a Bachmann train extends long past its warranty. Be observant when reading item listings and always take customs and delivery charges into consideration when calculating costs.
In order to find Bachmann model trains enter the toys and games section then select the model railroads and trains sub-category.
Hobbyists and collectors use eBay shops as a means to sell Bachmann locomotives and other model trains. Buying Bachmann trains (either modern or vintage) is not difficult and eBay has made the process simple.
Shoppers should then place a bid, make a best offer or immediately purchase the item via buy it now.
It is advised that buyers educate themselves on how eBay and PayPal go about protecting users so shoppers understand their rights as customers. In the world of model trains and brand competition there is one name that stands tall above the rest.
From humble beginnings they have risen to prominence by consistently fulfilling fans needs for the most up to date model trains. Purchasing model trains used to be a mundane task that involved paying expensive prices at a local hoppy store.

Using this guide, eBay, their trusted sellers and Bachmann means finding your next model locomotive is only a few clicks away. Whether straight out of the box or detailed for your railroad this model is certain to lead your roster.
This smooth running die-cast metal and injection molded plastic ready to run masterpiece features an onboard 28 speed step dual mode decoder and prewired speaker for those model railroaders who wish to add the separate drop in Tsunami® sound module. In addition to the finely crafted applied detail and decoration, a full complement of additional details is included to allow the modeler to customize their model. They would take the plastics company in a new direction and entered the field of model trains. This is a measurement system that is used by all model train manufacturers and helps buyera€™s identify the size of a model locomotive. Those new to railroading may get the most success using trains of this scale, as they are a great introduction to model railways in general.
They require a large amount of space to operate in and carry a higher than average price tag. Placing a large train in a small environment limits its run time, whilst placing a small train in a large environment results in a model being overworked.
This is an issue to railroad traditionalists but their loyal customer base appreciates the fact that the company is moving with the times. Discuss the interior condition of a model prior to purchase and if possible request close up photographs. They are mass-produced and this makes them a dime a dozen in the online auction environment. Bachmann have been making locomotive trains for almost 100 years and show no signs of slowing down. In some instances trains can require full cosmetic restoration, hobby shops offer such services but they come at a price.
The inner parts of vintage train are not indestructible and generally do not wear particularly well.
There are collectors who deal specifically in such models and are willing to pay large sums of money for them at auction.
The models they have produced are highly detailed and durable but require work to remain looking at their best. For a deep clean use a standard electrical cleaner on the pick-ups to dislodge any dirt or grime. When purchasing a used Bachmann locomotive ask the seller how they have cleaned the model train in question. Talk to the seller if you are having trouble coming to a final figure and they will be sure to help out with such concerns.
They are set up regularly by sellers and are great places to find Bachmann related bargains. Use PayPal to complete the transaction to ensure that the buyer protection program covers the order. Bachmann have proven time and time again that their range of products is the best on the market.
They also continue to respect the companya€™s rich history by paying homage to model locomotives of the past.

With the advent of online shopping and more importantly the online auction house, buyers have a new way of obtaining Bachmann locomotives at affordable prices.
Constant brightness LED illuminated replica oil head and backup lights can be programmed for directional operation or prototypically left illuminated while running. Included are two additional smoke stacks, additional head and backup lights, a drop in oil bunker and loose coal. It would not be long before Bachmann would embrace the changing face of society and start diversifying.
It would be the smartest business decision in the companya€™s history, as Plasticville USA would become a national bestseller. Before buying a Bachmann locomotive from eBay, buyers should familiarise themselves with the scale system and understand its importance. Incorporating scenery when using trains of this scale is advised and can add to the model train experience. Bachmann constructs trains of all sizes and eBay has them readily available for purchase at affordable prices. They offer versatility and can be altered to suit any railroad setup both in design and appearance.
However this means derailing is a high possibility and countless trains have been written off due to damage from crashes.
Modern Bachmann locomotives are not faultless so keep the above in mind when browsing what eBay has on offer. It is the earlier models that command the highest prices and the term vintage has genuine meaning in model train circles.
Full interior restoration is not always possible so ask the seller about how long the train has remained idle prior to purchase.
In order to keep them looking in showcase condition buyers will need some typical household cleaning supplies. Users can also place wheel cleaning stations around the track to help stay on top of such matter. It is also worth asking how many times the train has been put through the cleaning process.
To view the current crop of eBay shops select the eBay shops link at the bottom of the home page. Whether straight out of the box or detailed for your railroad this model is certain to lead the roster.
No model train enthusiast should purchase a train that is the wrong size; Bachmann produces the following size trains.
However buying modern Bachmann locomotives still requires a sharp eye in order to spot any possible running faults. Those that fall into the a€?pre-wara€? category are highly sought after and garner a lot of attention when listed online. However there are pitfalls to watch out for when buying such models and shoppers should look out for the following.

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