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The Alco Moguls could go as fast as 70 miles per hour, making them useful for both light freight and passenger service.
Bachmann HO 50702 USRA 0-6-0 Steam Locomotive with Smoke Unit and Vanderbilt Tender, Nashville Chattanooga and St. LightedSmokes (Smoke Oil included)Under the Whyte notation for the classification of steam locomotives, 0-6-0 represents the wheel arrangement of no leading wheels, six powered and coupled driving wheels on three axles, and no trailing wheels. Ready-to-run locomotive features prepainted and lettered plastic body, operating headlights and E-Z Mate knuckle couplers. Bachmann has hit a home run with these very affordable locos with features not usually found in this price range. Commonly called a "Mogul" this 2-6-0 wheel arrangement was principally used on tender locomotives in the USA and Europe. All listings sold via Auction are subject to a 15% Buyer's Premium which will be collected at checkout. This was the most common wheel arrangement used on both tender and tank locomotives, in versions with both inside and outside cylinders.The 0-6-0 configuration was the most widely used wheel arrangement for both tender and tank steam locomotives. Main line programming with a variety of selectable sounds including whistles, bells, engine hiss, air pump, injectors and more, and the chuffing while under way is very convincing. What follows is a list of new products being announced by model railroad manufacturers exhibiting at the show.
These locomotives were widely built in the US from the early 1860s to the 1920s, although examples were built as early as 1852-53.
Our system will automatically choose the best carrier at the time of shipment to help us deliver the lowest prices and fastest service possible. Because they lack leading and trailing wheels, locomotives of this type have all their weight pressing down on their driving wheels and consequently have a high tractive effort and factor of adhesion, making them comparatively strong engines for their size, weight, and fuel consumption. On the other hand, the lack of unpowered leading wheels have the result that 0-6-0 locomotives are less stable at speed, so they are mostly used on trains where high speed is unnecessary.Since 0-6-0 tender engines can pull fairly heavy trains, albeit slowly, this type was commonly used to pull short and medium distance freight trains such as pickup goods trains along both main and branch lines. Five-pole skew-wound motor, detailed cab interior with sliding windows, and E-Z Mate Mark II magnetic knuckle couplers.
Etched-brass details, five-pole skew-wound can motor with flywheels, and magnetic knuckle couplers.
Clinchfield, Denver & Rio Grande Western, and Union Pacific ( available in two-tone gray with yellow or silver stripes, or black).
Digital Command System with Proto-Sound 3.0, detailed cab interior, and Kadee-compatible magnetic knuckle couplers. Directional headlights, all-wheel drive and electrical pickup, and Proto-Max magnetic knuckle couplers. Walthers Inc.Walthers HO scale Fairbanks-Morse H-10-44 diesel locomotiveFairbanks-Morse H-10-44 diesel locomotive. Burlington Northern Santa Fe, Chicago & North Western, Conrail, CSX, Missouri Pacific, St.
Walthers Inc.HO scale tractionSan Francisco "F Line" Presidents Conference Committee streetcar.

Co., Newark Public Service Coordinated Transport, Philadelphia Rapid Transit, and San Francisco Muni (simplified green and cream scheme).
HO scale 73-foot center-beam bulkhead flatcarHO scale freight cars73-foot center-beam bulkhead flatcar. HO scale United States Railroad Administration 40-foot steel rebuilt boxcarUnited States Railroad Administration 40-foot steel rebuilt boxcar. Eight- or ten-panel body styles and side ladders or grab irons, as appropriate to prototype.
Die-cast metal frames, etched-metal walkways, metal wheelsets, and magnetic knuckle couplers.
Archer Daniels Midland, Chicago Freight Car Leasing Co., Midwest DDG Transport (MWTX reporting marks), North American Ethanol (fictional), and Vera Sun Energy (TILX marks). Abengoa Bioenergy (GATX reporting marks), Global Ethanol (TILX), Midwest Ethanol Transport (MWTX), Renewable Products Marketing Group (NATX), and North American Ethanol (fictional).
Full interior, factory-installed handrails and grab irons, and Proto-Max magnetic knuckle couplers. All include detailed interiors, operating diaphragms with etched-metal end gates, and Macdonald-Cartier magnetic knuckle couplers. Rapido TrainsWalthers HO scale Milwaukee Road 261 excursion car combo-packMilwaukee Road 261 excursion car combo-pack.
Bar Mills Scale Model WorksImagine That Laser Art HO scale 1904 Ford factory1904 Ford factory.
Laser-cut wood kit with cast metal details, injection-molded plastic windows and doors, and printed color signs. JL Innovative DesignWalthers HO scale North American Ethanol series structure kitsNorth American Ethanol series structure kits.
HO scale 20-foot high-cube municipal solid waste containerHO scale details and accessories20-foot high-cube municipal solid waste container.
53-foot Platewall RoadRailers: Triple Crown with large logo (four numbers available), medium logo (four numbers), or small logo (two numbers).
BowserJL Innovative Design HO scale assorted cast-metal detail partsAssorted cast-metal detail parts. Electro-Motive Division F7 diesel locomotive in red-and-silver passenger warbonnet scheme, A unit (two road numbers available) or B unit (one number), $85 each. Ten-car base set: Baggage-dormitory (transition), five coaches, two step-down coaches, lounge, and diner, $250. Pennsylvania RR class H30 and H30A covered hopper, PRR class K7 stockcar, and Baltimore & Ohio class S-1 and S-2 stockcars. Detailed interiors, diaphragms with etched-brass end gates and separate support rods, and Micro-Trains magnetic knuckle couplers. Rapido TrainsWalthers N scale Pullman-Standard 64-seat coachPullman-Standard 64-seat coach.
Walthers Inc.JL Innovative Design N scale cast-metal recreational detail itemsN scale details and accessoriesCast-metal recreational detail items.

Metal stirrups and grab irons, etched-metal running boards and safety platforms, and magnetic knuckle couplers. Also available unlettered but painted caboose red, oxide brown, oxide red, or yellow and black.
Removable cupola and roof, amber light-emitting diode interior lighting, and E-Z Mate Mark II magnetic knuckle couplers. Micro-Trains Line Co.Bachmann large scale Baldwin 2-4-4 Forney steam locomotiveLarge scale locomotivesBaldwin 2-4-4 Forney steam locomotive. Outside or inside frame, custom-wound motor with flywheel, plug-and-play control electronics, and magnetic knuckle couplers. Thomas with Annie and Clarabel train set (pictured) and Percy with the Troublesome Trucks train set. BachmannMultiple-scale details and accessoriesUnion Switch & Signal H2 signals with large box.
Each model includes a 3 volt (V) direct-current transformer and five feet of 30-gauge wire.
HO and N scale Pennsylvania RR scenic details: Hairpin-style fences and gates, two- and three-pipe railing, mast signals with interlocker, and railroad crossbuck and warning signs. N scale industrial details: two-track team track crane, baseball diamond, six-foot high security fence and gate, woodchip loader.
Expanded 29-function support, step-by-step throttle option setup, and wireless operation via infrared, radio, or duplex radio. Digitrax Inc.Super Empire Builder Xtra and Super Chief Xtra Digital Command Control starter sets. Controls up to 40 locomotives and 100 accessories, switches up to 21 functions per locomotive (depending on decoders' capacities), and handles up to 9,999 addresses.
Back-electromotive-force control, multiple whistles and horns, simultaneous eight-sound playback, and individually adjustable sound effect volume. Produces 20 sound effects for both diesel and steam locomotives and supports custom sounds. LRC100 RailCom transmitter allows regular Digital Command Control decoders to work with RailCom system.
Standard+ locomotive decoder offers the features of the Standard locomotive decoder plus the addition of RailCom technology, which allows decoder to transmit data for bi-directional communications from the decoder to RailCom devices. Converts an alternating-current or direct-current input voltage into a filtered and regulated 12V direct-current output.

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