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Bachmann has introduced a new Class C (three-truck) version of their HO Climax locomotive that comes factory equipped with DCC and Soundtraxx Tsunami sound.
The Climax locomotive, like Ephraim Shay's invention of 1877, was the creation of a lumberman seeking a better way to haul logs out of the woods. The original Climax locomotives, which came to be identified as the Class A design, were typically a wooden platform with a vertical boiler and two-cylinder vertical engine mounted in the center with a rectangular fuel bunker at the boiler end of the platform and a circular water tank at the other end. The two-truck Class B Climax was introduced in 1890 to meet the demand for a larger locomotive. The Bachmann Class C model features a wagon top boiler, single window open steel cab, truss rod frame, archbar trucks, and slide valves with Walschaerts gear. Bachmann has made one interesting change from the Climax design for the countershaft dive train.

The use of miter gears with their 1:1 ratio results in the axles and counter shaft rotating at the same speed.
The Bachmann Class C Climax reviewed came equipped with a dual-mode NMRA-compliant sound decoder with 8-pin plug. This is a nicely proportioned, well-detailed, prototypically accurate, smooth running model with great sound features, especially when operated in the DCC mode.
The Class B two-truck locomotive, introduced by Climax in 1893, featured a horizontal boiler with slanted cylinders. We offer gift certificates for the model railroader in your family or choose one of our train sets. You can find more of our Bachmann Train sets, including Li'l Big Haulers, by going to the Train Starter Sets section.

In 1897, the Climax Manufacturing Company built its first locomotive with three power trucks, which was designated as Class a€?C.a€? The addition of a third truck allowed the locomotive to go longer distances between water stops and provided greater traction and a more stable engine.
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