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If there's one thing about the fashion industry we wish we could change, it would be its lack of diversity. It's been a year of serious plus-size fashion moments that'll be remembered for a long time to come, so keep reading to celebrate the ones that got us all talking. Well I have a Texas 2-10-4 a sound module in the tender (not the DCC type) one of those from long ago.
I have the Bachmann 2-10-0 with DCC and sound and have to say their a good looking engine, very nicely detailed and good running. If theres a downside its that their rather lightfooted, better suited to branchline service which most were used for. Decoder: Scary wackos like me, Palin and Beck will make a calm, studious person like Obama look really inviting again. Michele Bachmann: Then they gave 3,400 decent, viable car dealerships across the country pink slips.

Michele Bachmann: This bill could be the stone that ends up sinking this country forever into a sea of debt. While there are plenty of campaigns and editorials aimed to push boundaries and redefine standards of beauty, we can't say we're completely satisfied with what's generally recognized as "normal," size-wise anyway.
In fact, there are plenty of plus-size bloggers and supermodels who have made major waves this year — and they're doing it in a big way. And make a note to follow the fresh faces you see here, because this won't be the last time you see these models and influencers striking a pose for your favorite magazines and retailers — we can promise you that. This is a Spectrum piece I'm talking about, I don't think Bachmann did the 2-10-4 in Spectrum. From Vogue's "Lingerie For All Sizes" editorial to Candice Huffine's much-buzzed-about debut in the 2015 Pirelli Calendar, we're really excited about where things are headed. I still remember an interview with a plus-size model in a major fashion magazine that put her in a size 12.

Never had the Decapod though and was just wondering what any owners thought of its performance. IF you have some 2-8-0's they run about the same, but they do run a little slower, so consisting in DC is out.
But perhaps we could use the sharp end of the shovel to break the locks on the bondage thingy. On the last layout it couldn't handle the grades so it's still in it's box down stairs with a fleet of other steamers that couldn't make the grade either.

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