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Basic programming is also very easy, once in programming mode locomotive addresses and default forward direction can be changed at the push of a button.
Bachmann is pleased to offer the next step in digital command control (DCC) with the new E-Z Command Digital Command Control System.
Bachmann incorporates the latest Bernd Lenz digital technology into this easy-to-use DCC system.
Allows you to digitally control speed, lighting, and direction of multiple locomotives in N, HO, & On30 scale from any manufacturer. So here is a fully honest review from someone who has been living with this system for a long time.

The EZ-Command can address up to 10 locomotives with sufficient power to run 2 or 3 OO locomotives at the same time. Decoder function can be activated in function control mode using the same ten buttons.
Even experienced DCC operaters find the EZ-Command useful for their test-track controller. The E-Z Command controller is also able to control one analogue locomotive, that is one not fitted with a decoder.
In partnership with Bernd Lenz, commonly recognized as the father of DCC, Bachmann incorporates the latest digital technology to bring you a DCC system that is both easy to use and affordable for novice and experienced hobbyists alike.

E-Z Command allows modelers to digitally control speed, lighting, and direction of multiple locomotives.
But unlike other complicated DCC systems, E-Z Command simplifies the programming process with simple, on-track programming.

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