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On the back cover of CTT, Williams by Bachmann is offering this great looking intermodel car with CSX trailer.
Also, I used to get sale flyers from Williams and now Bachman wants to charge you for their catalogs. BNSF #3002 - GP40 - DCCWith these easy to use and affordable locomotives, you can digitally control speed, lighting, and direction. CN #4008 - GP40 - DCCWith these easy to use and affordable locomotives, you can digitally control speed, lighting, and direction.
DT&I #405 - GP40 - DCCWith these easy to use and affordable locomotives, you can digitally control speed, lighting, and direction. Milwaukee Road #2001 - GP40 - DCCWith these easy to use and affordable locomotives, you can digitally control speed, lighting, and direction.
Santa Fe #3508 (Blue & Yellow) - GP40 - DCCWith these easy to use and affordable locomotives, you can digitally control speed, lighting, and direction.
Seaboard #626 - GP40 - DCCWith these easy to use and affordable locomotives, you can digitally control speed, lighting, and direction. Since the IRS also is the chief enforcer of Obamacare requirements, [Bachmann] asked whether the IRS’s admission means it “will deny or delay access to health care” for conservatives. The IRS has been processing information about Americans’ health care for decades, since approximately 160 million Americans write off their tax-deductible employer-provided health benefits each year.
Under Obamacare, the IRS will be responsible for determining whether or not Americans have insurance so that it can use household income data to provide consumers with government subsidies to buy health coverage. This isn’t the first time Bachmann has made outlandish comments about Obamacare or health care in general. Michele Bachmann: The [American people] are really voting for the original foundation block of our Constitution that brought us prosperity. Michele Bachmann: It’s an infantile response for the President to point blame at BP when the President has given over full authority to BP to deal with and manage the cleanup. Michele Bachmann: So far, you’d have to say [Obama] is the worst President in United States history.
Decoder: I know nothing about United States history or Presidential history or history in general. Michele Bachmann: To the Democrats, violence is when American people want to topple them from positions of political power.
Michele Bachmann: If only we could hold the election right now this afternoon, President Obama would be out the door so fast. Michele Bachmann: This is the most radical President, and the most radical Speaker, and the most radical Senate leader we have ever seen in the history of the country.
Michele Bachmann: I mean, clearly, the country has never gone this far in taking over this much of the private economy.

Michele Bachmann: Well, I think [the Republicans] are going to have a full bench of great candidates coming into 2012. Decoder: Unlike my political opponents, who want to tear up the Declaration of Independence and have the British rule America again. Michele Bachmann: I want to make sure that going forward we get back to our constitutional roots.
I won 47% of the vote in a congressional district in Minnesota, so I speak for all of America.
Michele Bachmann: On Sunday, on the Sabbath, that was when Speaker Pelosi decided we had to have the [health care] vote.
Decoder: Jesus is probably very pissed off that the day of the Sabbath was used to ensure health care for poor people. Michele Bachmann: If we had a 9% corporate tax, a 0% death tax and a 0% capital gains tax, do you know what we would have? Michele Bachmann: Federal employees make twice what those of you in the private sector are making. Decoder: Big banks will no longer be able take $68 billion of tax money for being middlemen who risk nothing.
Michele Bachmann: If you want a student loan, you now have to go crawling to the government. Michele Bachmann: America has always been a country of renewal, of innovation, of finding the new mouse trap. Decoder: Scary wackos like me, Palin and Beck will make a calm, studious person like Obama look really inviting again. Michele Bachmann: Then they gave 3,400 decent, viable car dealerships across the country pink slips.
Michele Bachmann: This bill could be the stone that ends up sinking this country forever into a sea of debt. BERLIN, Jan 21 (Reuters) - The leader of the fast-growing German anti-Muslim movement PEGIDA resigned on Wednesday after a photo of him posing as Hitler - and reports that he called refugees "scumbags" - prompted prosecutors to investigate him for inciting hatred. Bachmann, a 41-year-old convicted burglar, had appeared on the front page of top-selling daily newspaper Bild on Wednesday sporting a Hitler mustache and haircut. Oertel said his resignation had nothing to do with the Hitler photo but was linked to comments posted on the internet. The news came just as sympathizers with PEGIDA (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West), which is based in Dresden, were due to stage a march in another east German city, Leipzig. PEGIDA has forced itself onto the political agenda with its anti-immigrant slogans that have attracted tens of thousands to regular rallies in Dresden.
Bachmann, who denies he is a racist, had heard on Wednesday that he faces a criminal investigation for incitement to racial hatred.

People hold a poster depicting German Chancellor Angela Merkel wearing a veil and the writing "Courage for truth - Mother Multicultural" as they attend a demonstration of a group linked with the PEGIDA movement in Leipzig, eastern Germany, Jan.
Police officers guard the Augustus Place near graffiti against a demonstration of Leipzig's PEGIDA-affiliated group, Jan. PEGIDA supporters hold German flags during a demonstration entitled '?Christmas With Pegida' in Dresden, Dec.
A PEGIDA supporter holds a hand lantern and sings during a demonstration entitled '?˜Christmas With Pegida'?? in Dresden, Dec. Anti-Islam protesters hold a poster reading 'no extra sausages for Islam' as others carry Israeli flags during a BERGIDA rally, a Berlin copycat of PEGIDA, at Alexander Platz in Berlin, Jan. This line about the government taking over the private economy is never going to be a winner.
And Bill Clinton was just suggesting that I tone down my rhetoric, not that he was on a crusade to eliminate me. They said they were spat upon; I walked right through the gauntlet of where they were walking. Its Leipzig sister movement, LEGIDA, was due to march on Wednesday evening after police banned a PEGIDA march in Dresden on Monday due to a threat of an attack. State prosecutors in Dresden said preliminary proceedings had been launched following the Bild report. It quoted him as saying the photo had been taken as a joke, prompted by a recent satirical book about Hitler called "Er ist wieder da" ("Look Who's Back"). Now I understand at most dealers you can get Williams less than there SRP but in most cases to me there not really worth that compare to what you get from Lionel and Mth for a few dollars more.
Political experts agree that a few thousand people not filling out census forms may be all it takes for the state to lose a congressional advocate in the nation’s capital.
But perhaps we could use the sharp end of the shovel to break the locks on the bondage thingy. If Minnesota were to lose a congressional seat, Bachmann’s district appears to be candidate for absorption.
Bachmann has been careful to say that she’s willing to tell the census how many people live in her household, the basic information that will determine whether Minnesota keeps a congressional seat.

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