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Flayer for Your CustomersAirbrush Fire Reference Pictures Pack to DownloadAztek Airbrush Review (7778) May 23, 20119 Comments Published by Sergej Voronko Twitter Facebook Pinterest Google+ Every starting airbrush artist or scale-modeller will get to a point in his life when he has to decide which airbrush to buy. Aztek airbrushes are easy to clean because paint travels directly to and through the nozzle - bypassing the airbrush body entirely.
The A470 has the capability to be single or double action with a control dial for paint flow. I’ve planed to create this category for a long time but I could never find the right moment to start it off.Here we go! Below you will find the features of this airbrush and the accessories that the set contains.
I think that many skilled airbrushists will skip this post as they probably have their experience with this brand or even with this particular airbrush gun.If you are new to airbrush then read this posts for beginners first.
I can’t promise that I will fill this category really soon but I’ll try.To be honest, and pro’s will agree, if you decide to choose an airbrush, please choose carefully. For example difference between acrylic and non acrylic nozzle tipeven finish of nozzle tip for acrylic paint helps to prevent clogging and gives it the right air flow. Hose connected to the rear was a bit unusual for me as I felt that it can’t be good but after some time I even forgot that there is something different. If you go to your local shop and they have this on offer, ask the seller to hold it in your hands so you will get the feeling  of it (I would recommend to do this when you buy any airbrush).
E-shops don’t have this ability so you have to believe everything you find on the internet.The fitting of reservoirs is interesting – they can be done from any side so it doesn’t matter if you’re left- or right-handed. If you don’t have enough power in your hands you can use the tool key to fix the nozzle.And the magic wheel for switching the action regimeFirst impression when you see the wheel – you may think that it’s for control of needle move. If we screw the needle to most right we get maximum flow of paint at all time (there you go – single action).
But if you screw the needle to the most left the paint flow will be blocked and it won’t work at all.

This can be done in 30 secs and I think that this kind of system can help to adjust the airbrush for special type of work. You can not only switch regimes but even adjust them.FunctionalityNice box, wide selection of nozzle tips and something on top – that’s good, but how’s about functionality, does it work as good as it looks? The black one (0.4mm) for acrylic colours was better in my opinion in quality and contrast.
The whole process is so quick that I spent about 30 minutes to test all the nozzle tips with base coat included.CleaningAs per manufacturer description – to clean the airbrush you don’t need to take it apart. I have to say that amount of reducer used in cleaning was really low, compared to my previous experience with other airbrushes.
I noticed some particulates after cleaning and if it happens every time, after longer period it could lead to problems. Before you start using it, experiment with all the tools you have in the box and try different pressures as it’s a ‘different game’ when you change the pressure.
Other parts of the set like bottles and tips are selling separately.After looking for other people reactions I found that very common problem is that wire inside the gun will ripe up after about 6 months of use. Overall feeling is that most of your money you will pay for a nice packed stuff that can be used but with some airbrushdoc by shopping at Chicago Airbrush SupplyIf you have any experience with this tool please leave your comment, what do you think about it and what are your recommendations. I have not tried to take the tips apart, maybe some day when I get my hands on this set again.  chris I was asked to do a few demonstrations in art fairs in Holland in the eighties of the previous century by Testor.
At the time I used Rotring Artist Colors (which were finely pigmented acrylic inks) and they behaved quite well in the Aztek. People from the airbrush scene were ROTFL when they heard I was hired by Testor to shoot with the Aztek, but a portrait I sprayed with it on T-shirt came out nice. Lukas Illu-Color and Holbein Aeroflash are easy to spray with the Aztek’s finest nozzle.
That particular Aztek I assume to be an earlier model than the ones they are currently selling, but I think people who buy it will get a reasonably good gun for a fair price. Easy to clean, not supposed to be taken apart to be repaired a nozzle that can be used with most other Aztek designs, the nozzle just for what you are doing and easy to put in take apart for cleaning in a material that allow you to leave it in acetone if that is what can solute the paint. But the Aztek are handy and flexible and will not leave you with a airbrush where it is a problem if paint has blocked something becaurse it is so easy to clean, to use to get to know.

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