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Congress enacted the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 and we must now note that these ARE NOT TOYS, AND ARE NOT INTENDED FOR USE BY CHILDREN UNDER AGE OF 14.
The EMD GP7 is a four-axle diesel-electric locomotive built by General Motors Electro-Motive Division and General Motors Diesel between October, 1949 and May 1954.
The pictures above, and throughout this website, are the property of Zscale Monster Trains. The EMD GP38-2 is a four-axle diesel-electric locomotive of the road-switcher type built by General Motors, Electro-Motive Division. The cars come four to a package with AZL’s roller bearing trucks, blackened metal wheels and AZL AutoLatch™ couplers. Since 1982, the Bethgon Coalporter has been hauling "black diamonds" across the United States.

AZL's F59PHIs, Bombardiers, Surfliners and California Cars are injected molded and produced by Ajin of Korea,.
An autorack, also known as an auto carrier, is a specialized piece of railroad rolling stock used to transport automobiles and light trucks, generally from factories to automotive distributors.
The locomotive features directional controlled LEDs, powerful coreless motor, window glazing,  AZL AutoLatch™ couplers and traction tires. The largest selling coal gondola in the world, the car's double tub design increases hauling capacity while reducing maintenance requirements.
Amtrak also uses them on its Auto Train route, which carries passengers and their vehicles. Power is provided by an EMD 645E 16-cylinder engine, which generates 2000 horsepower (1.5 MW).

The locomotives feature a 10mm Mabuchi can motor, brass flywheel, direction controlled lighting, and come DCC ready. The couplers can be replaced with Micro-Trains® Magne-MaticTM couplers.Locomotives are available individually or with matching passenger car sets.

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