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The Atlas true track left hand snap switch has a remote control switch machine attached so you can wire the switch to be "thrown" (changing the direction of the rail), from your control panel.
There is no roadbed track that can match up to the scale-model quality and versatility of Atlas' True-Track.
Ready to use, each piece features Code 83 nickel-silver rail on realistic brown ties, plus roadbed molded in gray and detailed to look like real ballast.
Get your trains running right away with True-Track, designed for fast and easy set-up on virtually any surface.

The Tru Track Roadbed Terminal joiners do not include the Tru Track roadbed - just the joiners. Just connect the sections together, wire to your power pack, and your railroad is up and running!
It is a true hobby track system, created for the novice modeler looking not only for realistic appearance but unparalleled performance in a ready-to-run roadbed track. True-Track features Atlas' world-renowned Snap-Track that has been setting the standard for HO track for over 40 years.

Also, the rail heights do not appear to be uniform, either rail heights are wrong or something is wrong with the joiners. The sections can also be removed from the roadbed and used with cork roadbed, ballast and other Atlas Code 83 track products to build a traditional layout.

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