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Is it possible to design a double oval on a 4x8 layout in ho scale?, sorry for the newbie question. In order to keep the outer track at least an inch from the edge of the layout, it will need to be in the neighborhood of a 22 inch radius, and the inner loop will need to be 18 inch radius.
Both circles are now complet, the east loop (to the right is four tracks wide, the west loop is two tracks wide. The BNSF main line cuts across the bottom of the picture, it is single track for the most part, but it is growing. 6) Red Trail Energy, an Ethanol plant (east of towon) has been operating for about ten years now. 7) Richardton Rail Yards, is east of the ethanol plant, but on the same property, a new terminal being build by a consortium of interests, mostly trans loading oilfield supplies between train and truck.
Most of this is all NEW industry, except for the Gladstone Elevator, and the Hebron Brick Plant all less than ten years old, and the Gladstone is only about 25 years old.
Yes, but since the curves are pretty sharp, be prepared to run relatively short engines and train cars, bottom line. Many six axle diesels are manufactured to handle 18 inch curves, but they look pretty toy-like on such sharp curves. If you want to expand your running options for rolling stock, it's wise, if possible to increase to a 5x9 in HO to allow you to use larger radius curves. Those prototype examples aren't really useful for anyone contemplating building an HO 4X8.
To answer the Original Poster’s actual question, yes, it is quite possible, like this double-track HO 4X8 that at least breaks up the racetrack ovals a little.
And of course, in the exact same floor space as an HO 4X8, a lot of neat alternatives will fit. Do you mean two separate ovals or one oval that crosses over itself running two times around; I think its called a folded dogbone? My 4x8 pike is a small inner oval connected to an outer oval with a 3% curved grade to an elevated siding with a coal trestle that ends in bridge over the inner oval to a 360º loop that connects back to the inner oval just under the bridge.

On the opposite side of the elevated coal trestle there is a siding running the length of the 8-foot side; outside of the inner loop on the same level, with two single crossovers to the inner loop. Before converting to DCC there were 16 power blocks with dual cab control via two transformers. Many model railroaders, although very intelligent, are like Khan; they think in only two dimensions. On an upper level the train leaves the terminal station across a double crossover swithc and begind its decent.
On a 4x8 layout there is plenty of space for elevations- -what is consider proper is debatable. With a 1-inch foam base you also have that inch to depress the tracks for additional clearance, just as prototypical railroads have done.
Railroad arrangement is an artistic work and proper measures should be considered while creating railroads. Cars, buses, trucks are also placed in this model train layout and it is simply increasing the beauty of this amazing model train. Roads are nicely built and they are giving realistic and wonderful look after placing lots of toy cars. This last and final image shows the complete structure of this wonderfully designed model train layout.
How do young modellers of the transition and post transition eras get to know what "should be ther" left over from the steam era? Anyone one modelling a period before they were born are going to have to do a lot of research. Because platforms impact clearances, I think that they are more likely to be demolished when no longer needed than some other elements. I find this generally to be the case -- if the old infrastructure impacts modern operation in any way, the money is spent to remove it. If you find something of value here, please "pay it forward" and help us keep the site operating by a secure donation through PayPal (PayPal account is not required), or by shopping with our advertisers.

They are unique loading or unloading situations for the most part and wouldn’t work as a layout without more space given over to staging tracks.
No mention of elevations and I’m not talking a figure eight with an elevated crossover.
Just to make things interesting I added a siding, on the inside of the loop, with a single crossover. The paired crossover turnouts and the turnouts to the Wye are wired parallel so one switch throws both sets of points. These railroad have nice round curves which is giving realistic look to this wonderful layout.
This part of work is solely responsible for the awesome looks of the model train so you should be very creative in choosing the things you want to use in the city structure.
Building structure is something which increases the beauty of the model train layout so always use high quality building structures in order to give nice and professionally designed look to your model train. The program allows you to design your dream layout using electronic templates of Atlas O's 21st Century TrackĀ® System, Atlas N scale and HO scale Snap-Track and Super-Flex Track, HO True-Track, switches, bridges, turntables, buildings and electrical controls.
Although much is now available online, old-fashioned books are still probably the best source of info and reference.
The turnouts are divided into two blocks that are powered by separate capacitor discharge units fed by a single 16V AC transformer. There are even templates for structures from Walther's Cornerstone Series, Railway Design Associates, DPM, Life-Like, Lionel and Atlas. So personally, I don't see how posting them helps anyone build a layout in a realistic space. You can either build another terminal, or I wouldl suggest a return loop back to the middle station.

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