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Built by the American Locomotive Company (Alco) the low-hood S-2 was introduced in 1940 to replace Alco’s earlier high-hood switchers. Over 20 sound effects are available, including engine start-up and shutdown, prime mover sounds through all eight notches, bell, air horn, air compressor, dynamic brakes and more.
There are 16 user-selectable horns, 2 user-selectable bells, and 2 user-selectable synchronized brake squeals. The little touches on these creations are up to the level of quality seen in the game they star in.
The guys at Technically Magic, a design and fabrication company that’s builds props for music videos and movies, costumes, and prototype products, decided to share their love of Portal 2 with the world by building Atlas, one of the two co-op robots from the game. The designers at TM know their way around their workshop, and they know how to build complex designs from scratch. He doesn’t have the same computer controls or sound effects we saw in Trudi the Sentry Turret plush, or in the life-sized sentry turret we looked at earlier this month, but it’s still a work of art. TM built the bot as part of a competition held by a local GameStop in the Western New York town where the design firm is based.
Fourth, it was commissioned by GameStop, to be given away in their nation-wide Epic Giveaway sweepstakes, not a local competition. And I’m really glad to hear that you guys are only part of the way there and were using 3D printing to get the job done, no wonder you were able to get such intricate detail.
Erreichen Sie die nachste Rabattstufe, indem Sie noch 5 Artikel aus dieser Rabattgruppe in den Warenkorb ubernehmen! The LokSound Select Dual-Mode decoder allows your Atlas Gold Series locomotive to be used on DC as well as on DCC layouts.
Please note that the Atlas Quantum Engineer will NOT operate an Atlas Gold Series locomotive equipped with a LokSound Select decoder on an analog (DC) layout.

Part II follows closely on the heels of Part I (2011) so it is a bit jarring to have all the characters and settings change. It is easy to draw parallels to the regulatory approach of the Obama administration, but Rand would see our current government as a logical extension of all that came before. Franklin Roosevelt was the first to appoint people with direct authority for government action without getting prior approval from the Senate. The problem isn’t that government continues to intrude on the business process, it is that business people only protest when that intrusion interferes with doing business.
The message in Atlas Shrugged wasn’t just against a conservative or liberal social policy.
Government is a business, albeit a monopoly on certain items like defense but it too has all the charateristics of an operating business. The detail on Atlas proves it – everything from his feet to his joints shows the level of precision put into carving out, molding, and assembling all of the pieces required to complete the robot. I dug a bit to try and find out more about why you guys were doing this, but all I could turn up was a connection to GameStop.
Wonderful work, congratulations to you, and looking forward to seeing it when it’s finished! Those of you who read this column regularly know that I’m a fan of Ayn Rand, although I place myself far short of devout Objectivism. Not only have Dagney, Francisco, James and Hank aged (all played by different actors) but Wesley Mouch, while still portrayed by someone known for nasty characters (the dependably dislikable Paul McCrane) is a stereotype, but a completely different stereotype. Protestors picket corporate headquarters, carrying signs proclaiming them to be part of the 99.8%. If the Imperial Presidency expands during strong economic cycles, or is done in a way that they find appealing, it is generally ignored.

Minor characters like Phillip Rearden, Paul Larkin and Orren Boyle have simply disappeared.
Business owners need the foresight to oppose such expansion even when an administration seems to favor them, or else face the inevitable consequences when one doesn’t. Sometimes it’s because I’m excited, and sometimes because I’m worried, but it’s always because of the business. The versatility of the S-2s was evidenced by their service on mainline, shortline and industrial railroads.
The versatility of the S-2s was evidenced by their service on class 1 shortline and industrial railroads. Since 2008 I’ve posted weekly articles about the challenges and solutions I see in my work with the Hunters of our society, the 3% of people who own businesses, and create over 60% of all new jobs.
Atlas’ version is back in service, with new tooling, as well as a sound-equipped version for modeler enjoyment. Their ethical quest for profits is a noble motive, and wealth is just the way that the benefits of their creation are spread through the rest of the population. The good guys are good and the bad guys are bad, and they all make that plain within a page or so of being introduced.
Bush, who named 28 Directors, more than triple the number of any President since FDR, without legislative approval.

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