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After having to spend several months away from the B&P, we finally started to lay track in mid-March, on Bob’s birthday. The photo to the left was taken from Railroad Pass, looking South across Carmella’s Crossing. We applied power and TMCC to two adjacent tracks on the North end of the B&P, and, to our delight, everything, including all TMCC functions, worked correctly. We used our Metrolink locomotive because Pat commuted on the Southern California Metrolink for more than three years before retiring in 2006. As noted in our first article, our original construction concept was to use Atlas Nickel Silver Track and Turnouts on the B&P. A secondary reason for selecting Atlas Nickel Silver Track, was that it is probably the most prototypically accurate three-rail O Gauge track on the market.
Unfortunately, we wish Atlas had forgone the scale-sized rail spike, for a more “structurally robust” product. While shock induced breakage continues to be a source of frustration, if Atlas’ UV properties perform as advertised, we would still recommend the product.
However, if we were Atlas, we would consider strengthening the molded plastic spike design, even if it means sacrificing some of its “scale” detail. Unfortunately these defects were not discovered until after most of the turnouts were in place with other track sections attached.
Finally, we will offer a couple of other tips regarding our experience with the Atlas Nickel Silver Track System.

However, Atlas solders the respective wires to the bottoms of the rail joiners, preventing their use on the Atlas Slip Lock System’s outside rails. If you have read our earlier articles, you know we developed our curved road bed with more precision than might usually be used when building an outdoor railroad. Even though this was done, we recognized during roadbed installation that we were not maintaining “perfect” 072, 081 and 090 curves.
We began our track laying efforts attempting to use 40" flexible track sections for all curves.
Thirty-five years ago, the last time Bob built a model railroad, he used HO flex track for a large indoor layout.
We found that if a curved portion of roadbed could be completely traversed with a single 40" section of track, it is relatively easy to obtain good results. We spent considerable time trying to identify a rail bending device suitable for the Atlas O Gauge Nickel Silver Track. We concluded that we would have to order Atlas Curved Track for at least the five lengthy 180 degree 072, 081 and 090 curves. Taking a lesson from Fred Young and others, we have also removed all of the remote switch machines from our turnouts. Some of our difficulties with installing Atlas Nickel Silver Flexible Track are associated with the open ladder-type roadbed design we are using. As noted above, we did not maintain “perfect” 072, 081 and 090 curves during roadbed installation.

For example, each of our two 180 degree, 090 curves have at least two pieces of larger 099 curve track, one leading into, and one exiting the curve.
In the 180 degree, 090 example, to achieve the best fit of curved track to fixed road bed, we first laid out the eight sections of 090 track. This process was repeated for each of the five 180 degree curves, two 090, two 081, and one 072. John Blessing addresses this issue in one of his articles and stresses the importance of building your roadbed curves as precisely as possible. All in all, as we have secured track to our HDPE roadbed, some of which has been in place for eight hot and cold months, we have found our “bench work” to be very sound.
We do not underestimate the many wiring and TMCC challenges we face to wire the entire layout. We hope our experience gives you some useful ideas and helps you plan your project more effectively. If you find something of value here, please "pay it forward" and help us keep the site operating by a secure donation through PayPal (PayPal account is not required), or by shopping with our advertisers.

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