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The second thing that you are going to need to consider is the scale of the train that you are going to be purchasing.
Once that is out of the way you can start browsing through the variety of model train layouts for sale on eBay.
In the search bar at the top of eBay type in various search terms until you get a list which you like e.g.
On the bar on the left of the page you will be able to customize a number of options to really narrow down the list and get some the train kit which is perfect for you. Remember, when you are searching for model train layouts for sale you will want to pay attention to what is included in the box. If you are searching for used model train layouts for sale then you should always check the description. Finally, make sure you are 100% happy with your selected model train layout before you make your purchase. Hi allI have sort of committed myself to a small N scale project for my son after a friend of mine gave him some N scale equipment.
If you use Flex track most any kind of matching (turnouts same brand as flex track) turnouts would work.
Well it sounds like your son can handle the Nscale stuff and has already decided he likes it. Bruce,For a starter layout and for more of your 8 year olds involvement in the building yet a high degree of after build satidfaction you might consider trying to adapt the layout to Kato Unitrack.
Jon he needs to beware of the Atlas code 55 as most older and all MT stuff won't run on it unless you convert to low profile wheels (which is a major pain on locos). I have read that micro-trains wheel sets are easy to sand down by removing them from the train car and pushing them at an angle across fine sandpaper. Well I am just enthusiastic about N scale and like to encourage people towards reasonable prototype realism. It seems that more and more children are ditching video games and other activities to set up a pretty fantastic kit.
It is important that you set your budget in stone before you start browsing through all what is on offer on eBay. I won’t go into too much depth on this as there are plenty of guides dotted about this website on the various scales.

Plenty of companies (some of them huge!) are offering massive discounts on new models on eBay nowadays.
Often there are a couple of fabulous deals ending soon, and they are always going to be worth checking out. Hopefully your seller has been nice and included a list for you, if not you will need to do a bit of research.
This will give you an indication of how well they perform on eBay and whether they deliver what they say they will or not.
Whilst model railway owners tend to look after kits pretty well, there may be some damage (hence why they are selling it).
Bids can only be retracted in a few circumstances and if you win the auction you will need to pay for the model train layout.
There are a plethora of model train layouts available, and I am sure if you look hard enough you will find the PERFECT one for what you want, and because it is on eBay it should hopefully be very well priced as well! I have decided on this plan as it has everything he wants - bridges, tunnel, water etc:Now the issue I have is that this plan was developed back in the 60's to use Atlas Snap Track style turnouts and I have no idea if the same sort of thing is available today. The track was originally designed for HO scale and had a table underneath indicating the square sizes in various scales.
Approximately 25,000 4-4-0s were produced, before being replaced by larger locomotives in the 1900s.
The main reason for this is that it is VERY easy to become tempted by all of the lovely shiny train sets out there. However, you do need to bear in mind that you are not going to get as much ‘bang for your buck’ when it comes to purchasing new layouts. There is nothing worse than receiving a shiny new kit and realising that you can’t do anything with it because vital parts are missing. If I use modern standard turnouts then the plan won't actually fit.As for handlaying N scale turnouts - what is the size of PC board to use.
However most steam locos in N scale won't perform well (if at all) on #4 switches so plan on a all diesel stable. However, as you are probably aware for many people finances are a bit tight at the moment, and with something as expensive as a train set savings are going to need to be made.
Before you know it, you have over spent and you are going to need to eat baked beans for a week!

If you are purchasing for a child then don’t purchase small scale vehicles as they will find them hard to hold in their hands. Make sure you run through all options though as not everything will appear under one search string. However that was down to me being on eBay at a fairly early point where buyers were not as well protected as they are nowadays. If you can’t find any indication then do not hesitate to get in touch with the seller, they have the potential to make a sale so they should be more than happy to list if there are any problems with it otherwise it could come back to haunt them should you buy it and leave negative feedback.
Like Jon mentioned depending on the age of your son you might be better going with a larger scale.
I might use the TT setting which was between N & HO although I didn't want to go too big in the layout as he has limited room in his bedroom. A simple DCC system would also make the layout more fun for someone just starting as the firest thing he will want to do is to run about 8 locos at the same time. Instead there are plenty of model train layouts for sale at rock bottom prices on websites such as eBay.
I may look into something else that I can fit into 2x4 or smaller that has operational capability.
My boy is 8 years old in May and fully understands what trains are about and how delicate they are. The little monster is almost better then I am at parking boxcars infront of coke ovens on my HO layout using DCC. He does not want a "boring round-de-round" (his words) but wants to be able to deliver cars to various industries. When I brought home the N scale stuff he was so wrapped and was very proud of the fact that he could get them on the rails when Dad couldn't.

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