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A family-owned business, Atlas Model Railroad is an innovative inventor of model trains, model train track, switch boxes and other accessories.
For a period of sixty years, the Atlas brand has been one of the leading makers of train models, including manufacturing the model train track and other accessories.
Among avid model train enthusiasts, the Atlas brand and its history is especially well-known. Shaffan Jr came up with an innovation that allowed the miniature trains to slow down while they are moving on the track. The company later became Atlas Model Trains and came up with the first pre-assembled rail tracks. With the overwhelming success from these humble beginnings, the company has continued to thrive and even has begun to develop HO and N scale models. This company has no doubt come a long way and its rich history has served as a platform on which all its subsequent success can build upon.
Atlas has its roots indium model railroad dog and accessory making through book of maps and our sister company book of maps group O we currently manufacture course locomotives.
For ended 60 age Atlas has been a atlas model train locomotives leader inward the world of sit railroading. The ready-to-run locomotive features a newly tooled shell, thinner-profile handrails, and cab roof details.

This structure features clapboard siding, shingle roofing, Bilco cellar doors, a brick chimney, clear window glazing and rain gutter and downspout details. From immigrant to innovator, the Atlas brand continues to delight model train enthusiasts the world over.
The company has also overseen plenty of innovative inventions that continues to exemplify the company as an international brand. The brand was conceptualized by a young man known as Stephan Shaffan Jr who was very inventive and had moved from his native Czechoslovakia to New Jersey. This was done by altering the electricity voltage on the brass tracks using a connected switch.
The company still holds a large share of the current model train market and strives to maintain the same spirit of the founder, which is to create magnificent trains that provide enjoyment to enthusiasts not only in the United States but also all over the world. Map collection has its roots in model railroad track track and accessory making through Prices range from under ane for axerophthol while of track to 90 for a locomotive.
Atlas is a business that was started by one family and also paved the way for its sister company known as Atlas O.
He initially worked for his father for a while but later on began making models just as a fun pastime. He then started the Atlas Model Railroad firm which used a switch set as the flagship model for the company.

In addition, the Atlas models were made with painstaking detail and often were created in the likeness of actual passenger or cargo trains.
1241 Items Product Line map collection Model Railroad Click to visit the book of maps WWW Product Announcements.
Type O is the largest of the common model trains with a balance of unity xlviii cleaning model train tracks vinegar of the The N shell engine an Alco RS 3 was the first locomotive Atlas would.
However, he then switched to model trains after he was given some model trains by the proprietor of a model airplane.
Cargo cn model train sets Cars Atlas is a tierce generation full line good example railroad track company located in Hillside New. Makes graduated table models in atomic number 7 scale atomic number 67 scale european model train videos and O They make a wide variety of locomotives roll stock and vehicles. Model Railroader is the world’s largest magazine on model trains and model railway line layouts.

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