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MRC is once again coming out of the yard with another world-beating advancement in DCC drop-in sound decoder design.
Spikre,I understand where you're coming from, but a few decades back EMD introduced a locomotive on the market that to a lot of us was a Yuckster: The SD40-2! Yes, I'll take my Budds and Pullman Standard streamliners in Stainless Steel flavors, please. Antonio, there really wasn't that much difference on the fly between the SD40-2,or the SD40s.they always seemed "Normal" here. I have always liked the low long hood look, like the RS-3 or GP20D, although the Genset I is more angular and cluttered than those. Generally the gensets are sized so that single generator units are on switcher frames, 2 generator units are on first-gen geep frames, and 3 generator units are on 40-series geep frames, although many are on similar-sized GE frames or newly built frames. Click here to remove banner ads from this forum.This Forum Is Hosted For FREE By ProBoardsGet Your Own Free Forum!
The NRE Genset locomotive has been in regular production since 2006, with over 180 units produced to date. Back in those days a good number of us like the SD45's appearance with the angled radiators. Gensets are marketed as low-emission, reduced fuel consumption locomotives and tend to operate in metropolitan areas where air pollution is a concern. SoundTraxx provides a straightforward way to add realistic sound, as well as Digital Command Control, to an HO scale Atlas GenSet.
If I'm not mistaken, photos of "Hustle Muscle" helped it become a popular class among rail fans. The NRE gensets I deal with are garbage already and the paint has only just begun to fade on them.

Power for these locomotives is generated by 2 or 3 independent diesel engines which produce 700 hp each. Incredibly, this amazing sound decoder duplicates this unique process, even when sitting idle!! The sounds are not the Cummins QSK19C but instead are loaded with an Alco 539 and an EMD 710. Athearn Blue Box SD45s were selling well, yet from what I remember no one produced a decent plastic HO SD40-2 until the 1980s.
Not only is this powerful decoder brimming with functions, but the realism of its 16-bit sound quality "has to be heard". Somebody finally figured out that gensets need to be consisted with at least one geep or SD40-2 to keep up the illusion that they are working. These models includes all new body tooling and represents the next phase of NRE Genset production, unofficially referred to as the "Genset II". Just a couple days ago we were shoving over 10,000 tons up a 0.7% grade with two gensets and a GP28M or some other rebuilt geep. The primary spotting feature is a redesigned long hood which is now includes a provision for dynamic brakes.
MRC has taken lighting to the next level too, with exclusive, included replacement Ditch light board plus, blow the horn and the Ditch Lights flash*.*Never before offered features.
I have contacted MRC multiple times through their customer support and asked if they were going to produce an update on the sounds or what they were doing to correct the issue and they refuse to answer my emails. One genset was down to one of three engines and the other had two working intermittently while the geep that's older than dirt did all the work. The low nose is now noticeably shorter, due to the cab being positioned farther forward on the frame.

This is an expensive decoder to sell with the wrong sounds since it specifically targets The Genset.
Personally what made me change my mind about the SD40-2 was a photo I saw in a trains magazine issue. The engines advertised as "keeping the air cleaner in Texas" were belching soot while the old EMD just hummed along in run eight. If I'd had an SD40-2 in my consist I could have just isolated the gensets and had a quiet night free of alarm bells.By the way, I don't mean to rag on the model. Possibly Model Train Stuff can put a bug in their ear and get some light shed on the subject. There was simple photo of a desert sunset and in the distance was a 5-unit lashup of Union Pacific SD40-2s hauling an intermodal at high speed.
What was captivating about the photo was that with the sunset in the distant background, you couldn't see any paint schemes. Even the BNSF units don't need a whole lot of work to look pretty darn close to the real things. The porches seemed to give them a boxy, brute appearance that rated high on the cool factor like a 1960s muscle car. It was then that I became a fan of a unit that I initially thought to be hideous.To me, the Genset is a "homely" looking unit.
But I'm assuming that the GP38-2s and GP40-2s that are still running in my neck of the woods will eventually be retired and I'll likely see "Gensets" assuming those local run duties.

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