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For instance the new design of the hood makes it easy for the operator to open and do maintenance without disconnecting the hoses. You can use the Atlas Copco power packs virtually anywhere: fitted with wheels and handles, they are easy to manoeuvre around building sites. THIS UNIT CAN POWER LOTS OF DIFFERENT HYDRAULIC TOOLS, INCLUDING CHIPPING HAMMERS, JACK HAMMERS, SAWS, PUMPS, ETC. In fact, you might not need a power pack at all: with the help of an oil flow divider and an extension hose, you can hook hydraulic tools directly to some hydraulic powered equipment. POD reduces fuel consumption and extends service lifetime and extension hose, you can hook hydraulic tools directly to a hydraulic powered carrier.

All the new and previous features play together to create a hydraulic power pack that is both powerful and easy to use,” said product line manager Oleg Korobotchkine. The easy-to-reach oil by-pass switch pauses the hydraulics without the operator needing to turn off the motor. They are easy to start, the noise level is low, and when they are not in use, the power packs are small enough to be stored on shelves. This hydraulic regulatory system automatically idles the engine when the tool is not being used and speeds it up when the tool is activated. It is the perfect fit for tunnelling and indoor jobs where exhaust fumes are not permitted.

They are also lightweight enough that two people can lift one up and fit it in the back of a van.
It makes the 2015 LP9-20 more economic, allowing users to switch filters at the right time. They have been tested for more than 1 000 hours of operation and with several thousand units in daily operation.

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