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Only, we didn’t get one last weekend as a family of 4 because by the time I got home from the doctor I was having pretty intense contractions.
We ended up walking the dogs (we stopped at every contraction for me to breathe and take it like a champ cry and complain), ordering Mexican food and watching a movie before my contractions started coming every 4 minutes and Dave decided he was done waiting and we were going to the hospital. Despite my consistent painful contractions, I had a difficult time leaving for the hospital. Around 10:45pm, we caught a cab to the hospital and soon after arriving we were admitted into labor and delivery. Dave and I were able to laugh and talk through the night and enjoy the anticipation and excitement surrounding Atlas’ birth without me screaming through contractions. Needless to say, we got the anesthesiologist in right quick to get that issue straightened out and within 30 minutes I was numb again and a happy camper. I spent the next several hours rotating positions trying to keep my baby’s heart rate up during contractions. I knew something wasn’t quite right because originally I was told the only people in the room would be Dave, my doctor and my nurse because the doctor preferred to do all her deliveries herself.
I was given instructions on how to push and I was told I wouldn’t have much time to get him out because the umbilical cord was wrapped somewhere around him. I didn’t realize it at the time because I was in the zone, but there was a team waiting outside my room ready to perform a C-section. I really believe that nothing you can read or hear prepares you for having a baby (or for how much you will LOVE your baby) – but it sounds like you are doing great. Multifunctional for use on Superyachts, leisure and commercial craft both motor and sail, were ever a load needs lifting, but remaining totally portable. With a capability to lift and manoeuvre loads up to 125kg, items such as Superyacht toys, Seabobs, engines, generators, service equipment, Life rafts can be picked up with ease.
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Atlas was healthy during my pregnancy, so I didn’t think too much of the routine fetal monitoring.

Within 2 hours of being home I called Dave and asked him to come home from work because my contractions were about 7 minutes apart. I had yet to meet her partner since I moved so late in my pregnancy, but I was instantly relaxed after meeting the doctor that would be delivering Atlas. As my contractions intensified, Atlas’ heart rate began to drop very low (just like the fetal monitoring predicted on Wednesday). However, when it came time for me to push there were a few nurses and 3 doctors in the room.
I know a lot of women who say their husband drove them crazy during delivery but I honestly couldn’t imagine going through that process without Dave. Oh my god even though I knew everything turned out alright I was totally on pins and needles throughout that whole story. I find a lot of babies look like aliens bahaha but Atlas is seriously one handsome little guy! I'm Ashley, a southern girl currently living in NYC with my darling husband, 2 precious children and 2 crazy dogs.
Belinda’s friend has a very strong sweet tooth so Belinda created a DIY ice cream parlor. However, the tests showed Atlas’ heart rate was dropping slightly during some of my contractions. We scheduled an induction for Monday, but my doctor said she would be surprised if I made it through the weekend without going into labor. At first I started feeling intense pressure and then I was experiencing full blown contractions that were much more intense than the ones I came to the hospital with.
The doctor and nurse had me put on an oxygen mask and switch positions several time until we discovered Atlas’ heart rate handled my contractions better when I was on all fours (so much for remaining dignified). Shortly after 8am I started feeling a lot of pressure south of the border and my doctor told me it was time to push. I was crying and begging them not to cut me, but Dave and the doctors reminded me it was for Atlas’ safety and I would recover. I’m not a mom, but an aunt to a beautiful little girl and I am so in love with that little girl that sometimes it actually hurts and I NEED to get on the phone with her (well, get on the phone as best I can with a 1 year old) and just hear her. You’re absolutely right – there is no controlling what comes out of your mouth! She messed with my membranes (I’ll spare you those details, but that has been known to naturally induce labor) which hurt like a mother and then sent me on my way.

It just made leaving feel so strange and I instantly felt homesick when we walked out the door. She immediately got me hooked up to an epidural (that made her my best friend) and from that point things changed for the better.
I was told they would need to use a vacuum to get Atlas out and I started to panic, but was reassured that his little head wouldn’t be harmed. I think once I got my epidural fixed I apologized to the nurse and doctor about 5 times for whatever I was yelling.
This blog details my life as a wife and mother, my favorite work outs and life in the Big Apple. Belinda designed the invitation and had her husband draw the pregnant lady which was also used on the cake. I left feeling a little bummed at the idea of being induced since I really wanted to go into labor naturally, but I was excited to spend one last weekend as a family of 4. At this point I just wanted him out because we were so worried about his dropping heart rate.
Sweet treats on the dessert table included cake pops, cupcakes, macarons, sugar cookies, toblerone mousse and cheesecakes. It didn’t hurt at all (felt like a bee sting) and within minutes I could no longer feel the contractions. He got me upgraded to a private room when he realized I was losing my mind in the semi-private room (perhaps that will be a post all by itself).
I hope that you enjoy of second, of every day because, even from an Aunts point of view, it goes so fast. I wanted to meet my healthy baby (we could deal with the cone head later – I just wanted him alive and breathing). He was nothing short of amazing and I’m so thankful I get to walk this parenting journey with him by my side. Even the nights crying, where he just won’t sleep are a blessing of unspeakable magnitude. Francisca wanted a peaceful yet glamorous feel to her table which she achieved by using mercury glass, lace and snowflakes.

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