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I have 2 to share that I did a few years agoB&M converted an old GP-9 into a road slug. Actually you can bash two Train Miniature reefers into a REA car (done that) or just buy the Walthers cars (done that also).Dave H. When I purchased one of these engines, the instructions indicated that the two motors were interconnected with a drive shaft, but they were not.
QUOTE: My only gripe with this model is that I don't think SP ever owned one -- wasn't UP the only road that purchased the DD models as experimental units?Both UP and SP had DD35s (no cab). Manufacturer's Site The EMD GP7 and GP9 have been recreated in many scales, including HO, before. Anyone modeling railroads from the 1950s to the present day can probably justify at least one of these models for their layout.PerformanceAthearn has a long tradition of building reliable models.
I left my locomotive on its factory equipped settings for this test.One of the great features of these specialized locomotives is that Athearn has not only detailed the bodies to represent a particular unit, they've pre-programmed the sounds to match! Similar features include the full height nose door and rectangular windshields, the large flared radiators with two fans, and the positioning of the dynamic brake equipment at the rear of the long hood. An end to the limited-production and other crap that makes models harder to get and more expensive.
On the SD70M-2, the prime mover drives an alternator and produces AC current that is rectified to DC current, which powers the traction motors.
In addition, the inverters were moved from inside the long hood to a box on the walkway behind the fireman's side of the cab. The model is offered in both standard DC and DCC equipped versions which include a Soundtraxx Tsunami sound decoder.

And the locomotives have plenty of power to drill cars in the yard or work a typical local freight single-handedly.
On the SD70ACe, the DC current is then "chopped" back into AC to power the traction motors.
No DD40s were built This model was tooled at a time when Athearn sometimes had a model to market before the prototype had been ordered or built. While many, including Athearn, have recreated typical Geeps in the past, no one has ever taken them to this level of individual detail. The DCC versions were tested for this review.The prototypes certainly stretched their legs over the road, especially when new, but as years went by the locomotives found a home in yards, branch lines and industries. For longer mainline runs, you'll probably want to use multiple units - but so did the real railroads,SoundThe Soundtraxx Tsunami decoder has already received positive reviews in other locomotives and is becoming the new standard for DCC sound. Not only has Athearn detailed these locomotives to reflect a particular prototype railroad, they've extended the details right down to individual numbers. The pilots are completely open to make room for the truck mounted couplers, but they can be filled if you have wide enough turns. Also, while previous Genesis Geeps have had some dimensional issues, the latest runs appear to have corrected these.Prototype HistoryAlthough its locomotive sales were quite strong, EMD had been falling behind the competition in development of a road-switcher locomotive in the 1940s.
One of the features that sets these decoders apart is the ability to customize virtually every feature. With some railroads purchasing the locomotives in multiple orders with different features, and other railroads acquiring the locomotives used from multiple sources, there is a nearly endless number of options.For this review, I purchased four of the Conrail locomotives to compare details. These utilitarian diesels could handle multiple assignments from road freight and passenger trains to local and yard assignments.

The printed lettering also looks looks good, with small labels clearly saying "fire extinguisher" or "danger 600 volts." The rear motor is visible through the door in the middle of the engine, but the flywheel is far enough forward to not be real noticable.
Their narrow hoods and end platforms improved visibility from the cab and made it easier for crews on the ground to get on and off the locomotive. Athearn chose four former Penn Central engines, with Pennsylvania, New York Central and New Haven heritages. The trucks are pretty well detailed, but Athearn never changed them to plastic like on most of their other engines. While I may still track down some later GP10s and renumber the models to make them more appropriate for my layout's era, all of the hard work has been done for me. The minimum speed I could keep ir running at was about 9.5 scale MPH, but different motors should help lower that. The models are all limited runs, so it is best to check their website and preorder with your local dealers. There's lots of empty space in the shell, so it should be fairly easy to add sound, but you won't want to do that without new motors.

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