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OverviewBy the mid-1970’s thousands of first generation locomotives were showing the age after 20 years or so of service. To extend the life of these locomotives without buying new ones, many railroads had begun rebuilding programs.
The engine and electrical system are similar to the SD70MAC, but updated with newer technology.
The GP15 series was introduced by EMD in 1976 as an alternative to these rebuilding programs. As originally conceived it was intended that old units be traded in and components such as the trucks reused to make the cost comparable to a rebuilt unit.
Some of these features include the full height nose door and rectangular windshields, the large flared radiators with two fans, and  the positioning of the dynamic brake equipment at the rear of the long hood.

The GP15-1 was a 1,500 horsepower, 4-axle unit using a non-turbocharged 12-cylinder 645 engine.
In addition, the inverters were moved from inside the long hood to a box on the walkway behind the cab. Four demonstrator locomotives were built in 2003, followed by 20 pre-production units for CSX in 2004.
Full production started in 2005 and through 2009, 820 SD70ACe’s have been built for the US and Mexico. C&NW and Frisco opted for car body air intakes like a GP7, while Missouri Pacific and Conrail chose a central air intake like the contemporary Dash 2 series. Nine more were exported to Venezuela and 46 built for BHP Billiton’s iron ore operation in Pilbara, Australia.

It was similar to the last GP15-1’s with a central air intake and an alternator, but differed by having a turbocharged 8-cylinder 645 engine and dynamic brakes. Apalachicola Northern also bought GP15T’s, but their three did not have dynamic brakes and had car body air intakes.

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