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You can commonly see the wide usage of artificial putting greens in places where the maintenance of natural grass is a difficult task. Among the large array of artificial grass products, the landscape turf is the most common item, which is widely used for delivering the glimpse of full green atmosphere in front of your residing place. Durability is one of the most important features which is found in the outdoor putting greens. The artificial putting greens will prove to be idealfor backyards and front yards of properties. Synthetic lawns are ideal to use on rooftops of corporate buildings and in enclosed courtyard regions. The landscape design of artificial putting greens is suitable to employ atresorts, retirement homes, unit blocks and public areas like recreational facilities, council areas and nature strips.  It will save precious time and a considerable amount of money in maintaining a beautiful green lawn. Synthetic lawns are suitable to use as artificial sport surfaces for soccer and rugby league fields. Made in the USA using renewable and recyclable components that reduce your carbon imprint due to its long-life expectancy. Our exclusive EnviroLoc™ Technology replaces a large portion of petroleum-based polymers with biobased polymers such as renewable soybeans. SYNLawn artificial grass is the first in the business to offer up to a 15-year warranty* on our synthetic turf products.
Now it's easier than ever to afford the lawn of your dreams with easy financing options now available. Our amazing customers, just like you, have been awesome enough to write some incredible reviews about SYNLawn artificial grass products and how our installations have changed their lives.

SYNLawn is the industry leader and manufacturer of synthetic grass solutions whose realistic look and feel makes them the perfect choice for a wide variety of residential and commercial landscape applications. For more than 50 years, SYNLawn has been a beacon of innovation in our industry, manufacturing and installing state-of-the-art synthetic grass products that set the standard for realism in every way. At SYNLawn, we believe in the power of an informed consumer, and take pride in educating our customers about every aspect of our synthetic grass systems. SYNLawn offers approximately 25+ synthetic grass options from which to choose, including one that is certain to suit your taste, as well as the type of application you are interested in.
They can easily resist extreme weather conditions and are suitable to use in sports fields like soccer field, baseball field, batting cages, etc.  The artificial turf lawn mats use recycled materials.
They will keep the garden looking new and fresh without any maintenance works like mowing or watering. The grass-like look and feel delivered through artificial turfs is the best way to add great appeal to concrete slab. They demand less maintenance as compared to real grass and can easily resist harsh weather conditions. From the very beginning of production to every aspect of your installation, we are able to control all of the factors that ultimately result in incredible products and inspiring outdoor centerpieces – Yarn to Yard if you will.
From the specific style of artificial grass you choose to each design and installation element, we want you to feel involved at every turn. Let us work with you on the creation and installation of a unique design that will bring limitless aesthetic appeal to your outdoor space. The installation of the synthetic turfs demands the exact measurements and crafting process to suite your requirements.  They look real and are composed of artificial synthetic fibers, which resist the damages through its great flexibility for heavier uses.

The finest artificial grass area will prove to be best for spending your recreational time. You don’t need to worry about the damage of the products, as they are strictly made for rough uses. These are an excellent landscaping alternative for residential areas where it is tough to grow natural grass, especially in townhouse and apartment style houses. Call your local certified SYNLawn installation experts for more information on how to qualify. The versatility and durability of our artificial grass solutions is the reason we can create everything from a Dave Pelz-inspired golf practice putting green in your backyard to a public lawn area for playgrounds, rooftops, apartment complexes and more. The artificial putting greens for homes and other green premises of your home should be well matched to your local ambiances. Such kind of turf will prove to be effective in saving your efforts and valuable time on watering and fertilizing the same. Order: 6000 Pieces Foshan Chancheng Yufeng Plastic Hardware Factory View more details Hot Sale !

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