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GE Evolution Series — The Evolution Series are GE Transportation Systems new diesel locomotive models that meet the U.S. List of GE locomotives — The following is a list of locomotives produced by GE Transportation Systems.
Anexo:Locomotoras GE — La siguiente es una lista de las locomotoras producidas por GE Transportation Systems.
Featured below are some General Electric Transportation Systems publicity photos and publicity spec sheets. Here is a builders photo of GE's AMD 103; sold mainly to Amtrak, but also other passenger railroads.
This is the logo that appears at the bottom of the four page brochure and also on other old GETS literature. David Kudrav and Paul "Nova" Novarese retain most rights to all photos contained within this site and are the photographers of all photos contained here-in, unless otherwise noted. Grime laden AC60 leads the charge eastbound with CSX general freight Q406 on track 1 on elevated trackage through CP Gray.
UP's Cabazon rock train is tied down in the Ice Deck siding near Loma Linda with repainted 7321. En ayant plusieurs machines de moindre puissance, il y a moins de complication lorsqu'une machine tombe en rade. Meme en modelisme, en N je n'ai connaissance d'une reproduction.D'apres Wiki, General Electric travaille actuellement sur une version update de l'AC6000 qui se dirige vers une ES60AC (norme de pollution).

Ils devaient voir s'arreter, puis redemarrer, devant eux, un train de charbon tracte par 3 SD80. Car il faut rappeller que ces machines de forte puissance n'etaient pas aussi fiables que leur predecesseurs. Les machines de 6000 chevaux, (SD90MAC chez GM ou AC6000CW chez GE) rencontrerent plusieurs problemes de mise au point qui retarda leur entree en service. They are used by major railroads in the United States, except for 8 units exported to BHP Billiton Iron Ore in Australia.HistoryThe AC6000CW was designed at the height of a horsepower race between the 2 major locomotive manufacturers, Electro-Motive Diesel, Inc. De plus, vous verrez sur la photo que le CSX a commande en option pour ces machines des bogies a essieux radians (ou radiaux?), bref des "steerable trucks"! GE partnered with Deutz-MWM of Germany in 1994 to design and construct the engines for the locomotives. The first locomotive constructed was the "Green Machine" GE 6000, the nickname due to the Green paint scheme. After testing was completed on the units by GE, they were released to their respective owners in late 1996. The units started to suffer from various mechanical problems early on, with the most severe being the engine itself.
There were major vibration problems, which was caused by the engine block walls being too thin. GE built 106 AC6000CW's for Union Pacific with the older, proven 7FDL Engine, rated for 4,390 HP.

These units were originally supposed to have the 6,000 HP 7HDL Engine after the problems were worked out with the engine, but this never occurred.
The AC6000CW ended production in 2001, although Union Pacific's 75xx series remains in daily use as of 2008, mostly on rock and gravel trains in Texas.
GE is currently performing electrical work and changing out the current 7HDL engines with a new 16-Cylinder, 6,000 HP engine on several CSXT units. This is essentially creating an ES60AC, but neither CSXT nor GE reclassifies the locomotives. There are no external changes to the locomotive, though they don't "roar" like their as-built sisters. Operators * BHP Billiton Iron Ore** 8 units, numbered 6070-6077, built between June & July 1999.
The 265H power plant used in these locomotives was mechanically unreliable and EMD chose not to upgrade it to meet current EPA emissions standards. Current EMD models, such as the SD70ACe and SD70M-2, are powered by the same 710 series two-stroke V16 used since the introduction of the 60-series in the mid-1980s.

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