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This decommissioned subway station was the real jewel of the IRT subway line when it opened, with Guastavino tiling and a curved track.
There’s no 7 train at 63 Dr-Rego Park, as indicated in the Cross-Forest Hills Connector section. The Chambers Street station has a long history of changes, with trains entering the station from the Williamsburg Bridge originally, then the Manhattan Bridge when it was completed.
This post was excerpted from our roundup of 9 Abandoned and Incomplete Subway Platforms and Levels in NYC.
Well, i moved, and here it is 2013 and the station is just as disgusting as it was six years ago. Once went into the old subway beneath the Central Parkway in Cincinnati, 50 years ago;lots of cold war supplies as i recall. The closed off platform at Aldwych station is now used as the shooting range for King’s College Rifle Shooting club! 9 Creepy and Cool Hidden Roads and Rail LinesExtra subway lines below New York City, tunnels winding underneath England, and abandoned metro lines make our list of the best hidden transportation locations.
Ever wondered why they would have put a stop just 5 streets from 96th Street to begin with?
New York City is quite a different place from what it was in 1999 and evidence of habitation has clearly been removed from this station, based on these photos published on Under City Sun in March of this year.
I remember seeing that station as I’d go by it on the way to visit my grandparents as a kid. Here’s what the Delancey Street trolley terminal looks like now (after 60 years of disuse). Help support Laughing Squid by hosting your WordPress blog with Laughing Squid Web Hosting.

Subscribe to Laughing Squid by email and receive a daily email with all our blog posts from each day. Subscribe to the Laughing Squid email list and receive a daily email with all of the blog posts published each day. A good friend of mine, Ander Kazmerski , just posted some sweet drone footage of Rochester.
Here’s an interesting video we stumbled upon while diddling around on YouTube this weekend. To the average viewer the work may come across as a bit of a train wreck; seemingly random doodles, awkwardly juxtaposed against a familiar urban landscape. Tags: abandoned subway tunnel, Alphabet City, Antonio ‘Chico’ Garcia, art, ARTISANworks, Donuts Delite, Eastman Theater, Genesee Brewery, Genesee Valley Trust, Graffiti, Jonathan White, Louis Perticone, Lower East Side, New York City, photography, rochester photos, Rundel Library, Sea Breeze, St. Do you have any photos of the old 14th St subway food venders area in the mez from the 1960’s ?
With a platform too short for the new trains, it has been closed since 1945 but is open for tours through the New York Transit Museum.
There was also a Rockaway Beach service that originated from Chamber Street from 1913 to 1917, operated by the Long Island Rail Road and Brooklyn Rapid Transit. During construction in 1930, the hotel created its own private rail platform and track, called a siding, for use by the crazy wealthy.
At the time, the 10 blocks between 86th Street and 96th Street was considered too far of a distance between subway stops. Were you guys on the LandmarkWest tour this past weekend, where John Tauranac mentioned the closed 91st St. The core of the proposal is a clever lighting system that would pipe sunlight down into the park with fiber optics and mirrors, allowing plants to grow underground.

The video focuses on two sites – the Rochester subway and the Carnegie building on Goodman Street just after its devastating fire. This 7 and a half minute long interpretive dance exploration of the Rochester subway tunnel will totally blow your mind.
Here we show platforms and levels in active stations that were abandoned or incomplete, sourced from the extensive research on Joseph Brennan’s Abandoned Stations. FDR used the track while president, in part to arrive and depart in secret to prevent the public from seeing him in a wheelchair.The Waldorf Astoria was built over the then-recently vacated Grand Central lots, leaving plenty of track already tied to the New York subway system. But with a 200 foot platform, the station was retired in 1959 for similar reasons as the abandoned Worth Street and 18th Street stations.
There was enough of it to confuse future archeologists, whose job, it suddenly occurred to me, is not only to dig up the past, but also to scrape the rubble of squatters from that of the great civilizations whose abandoned homes squatters made their own. The Delancey Underground project is by architect James Ramsey of RAAD Studio, Dan Barasch of PopTech, and money manager R.
Track 61 running beneath the hotel isn't a regular stop on the subway, but the line was accessible as far back as the 1930s. With one entrance to the 96th Street station just 100 feet from 93rd Street, there wasn’t much use for the 91st Street stop anymore.

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