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I try to make it out to NYC a couple times a year to visit my buddy (I don’t always succeed) and get amped up by the energy of the city and since my buddy lives in Brooklyn, I have had to stay at a hostel near his place because of a shift in plans with what I had arranged.
It was pretty easy to find since it’s just a few minutes walk  from a couple of stops along the L train and the hostel itself is pretty big and very well marked from the outside. As soon as you enter you will find yourself in a small lobby with a nice couch and the check-in counter. Loft has been designed with themed room doors and brightly colored arrows on the wall to take you right from the elevator to your door. Our room was a bit expensive for the quality of the room but it’s New York City and the living does’t come cheap. A pretty descent array of breakfast foods and ingredients are included with your stay so you can head down to the kitchen in the morning and just prepare breakfast from what I think is an above average selection of complimentary foods. The kitchen facilities are all very nice and clean because staff comes to clean up all of the breakfast stuff and put it away. The whole kitchen is very well lit because of the large sliding glass doors that take up an entire wall and let in lots of natural light. Just on the other side of these massive doors is the outside courtyard which looked like a great place to be during the summer but since I was there in Dec I spent little to no time out there. On top of the kitchen building there is a hot tub that is closed during the winter but looks like it would make for some good times during some New York summer nights. As you leave the hostel there is a full-wall sized map of the local area so you can find a grocery store, dining, bars, subway stations and more. Overall I would say that The Loft Hostel is a great facility with good features and some great attention to detail. If you’re wondering how this clip was shot, let me add this: A camera was mounted on a subway train following another train on the same track.
This public domain film can be found in the Library of Congress’ Early Motion Picture Collection.
And so our postcard series, which includes our favorite photos from Croatia, Italy and Morocco, had to be done in two parts for New York City.

New York transportation, the subway and yellow cabs, are iconic symbols of the city itself. The Museum of Modern Art is world-class and worth more than the two measly hours we gave it (sigh). Lady Liberty stands proud before Ellis Island (but is much smaller than both of us expected). Thank you for such kind words To get the taxi clear and the blurred background this technique is called panning. Thanks Rashmi, I’m working on it and I hope I am as happy with it as I am with this one. I always appreciate large maps that tell me YOU ARE HERE since sometimes it isn’t always clear.
It’s worth stopping by and staying a few nights to get to know East Williamsburg a little better.
You will save money taking taking the train by coach but you can also expect some discomfort. You’ve schlepped from Union Square to Grand Central Station on the 4, 5, or 6 trains how many times?
The video itself comes to us via the New York Daily News, where you can see maps and pictures of the early 20th century subway system. We certainly did love the Big Apple and it’s hard to believe but 6 weeks was not enough time. Basically your feet are planted and and you focus on an object and follow it along while snapping the photo.
Aaaand, I would love to have a large photo of Kink in my living room…that one is a true classic. That street art in Brooklyn was pretty awesome especially the way you made it into a postcard and I would totally buy one. Turkey is good – a far cry from what we got used to in New York, but a great adventure all the same!

Just to the right of check-in there is a big wall infographic to show and tell their guests how to best enjoy their stay and abide by all the hostel rules. I’m not sure if it’s the most I have ever paid but I definitely feel that it is overpriced for the services we got. There is also a loft above the kitchen with free wi-fi (when i was there) and bean bag chairs. I usually find a map on the street and then take a picture of it so I instantly have a map in my pocket. It takes A LOT of practice, to get settings and speed right, but the effects turn out pretty cool sometimes. This particular hostel gets bonus points from me for having a reasonably late check out time – unlike most hostels in Australia and New Zealand who have check out times as early as 9.
Here’s a brief video overview of the Loft Hostel which shows the entire room in pretty good detail. If you even use a map finding yourself on one isn’t always as easy task so the hostel providing this in large scale right by the entrance helps more than you might expect. New Yorkers have been making this journey since 1904, and here we have some vintage video to prove it. Shot on May 21, 1905, seven months after the IRT subway line opened, the video shows a train moving uptown. And then, during the last minute, you can see the New Yorkers exiting the train, svelte and dressed to the nines.

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