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Desktop users: right click on the image and choose "save image as" or "set as desktop background". So for everyday that I have to remind myself that staying curious is the most important part of being a man, I also have to contend with the fact that every day it gets harder to push through and seek out the new. As can be seen in the 1910 photograph, the station building is considerably different in layout and elevation to the current one.
Another look at the gables suggests to me that it has been rendered to give the appearance of stone. Thanks for all that slumberjack.Given its solidity as a building material, I would be surprised if a building constructed entirely of bluestone would then be rendered, although it's possible of course.
I think Little River would have been built by the government (possibly when Higinbotham was running the railways) whereas Werribee was built by a private company. Reading it now in my head, after I saw my peers act it out, I read this line as getting progressively more aggressive and loud. I had always thought of myself as a free man, yet it was only recently that certain actions and things came to make sense. But I felt that even in the smallest ways, what I could do to help others could start a process that would see major changes down the road.
If I look back on my life, they have a unique way of being at once sad and incredibly happy places. It brought the play to life and also gave me more insight into the characters and their respective voices. Initially while reading the play, I read the conversation between Jig and the man to be tense but a free flowing conversation.

This quote is filled with a faux sense of blase in regards to the situation as well as about herself. Many train stations that I’ve been to do not have a dining area outside nor do they sound as nice as the station detailed here. I have found this to effect the ways in which I design my life and the people and objects that are involved. Freedom was something that I was born into, and through most of my life I struggle to find a certain balance between what is required of me for survival, and what is meant for me in happiness. I have always felt that if there is something in life that holds me back, the curiosity is usually enough to have me struggle to see what is over the other side.
Beneath the damaged render in various locations on the building (including walls away from the quoins), I have only found severely decomposed sandstone.
However, after watching this acted out, I saw that the interaction between the two characters was very tense and harsh. She is doing this to try and get her partner to realize her ideas on the position and the fact that she does not want to go through with the abortion. I found a picture online that helped me envision the setting of the harsh interaction between the two characters. I have not yet been able to identify any bluestone in the structure myself (and I have looked, as I am aware of the mentioned description of it's construction), but there may be some in other areas that have not been exposed. Her tone is begging the man to recognize her flippant attitude as false and rectify the situation by changing his mind on the manner.

This also helped me realize that even though many different things are going on around them (people talking, patrons getting drinks, patrons walking by, etc), Jig and the man are in their own little world with each other.
I was seeing that there are so many small habits or thoughts that have been with us for so long that we accept them. I imagine her voice to be strong and unwavering, showing the man her passion under her simple response. After this line is said, it seems that Jig gives up her position on the abortion and instead goes back to being the smiling, polite woman that she is supposed to be. I was beginning to see that I had an ability to see through these obstacles and help others in the ways of which I knew. Men were making their way from place to place with a face that had the look of missed adventure. However, under the smile and polite face is Jig’s true unhappiness with her partner and the abortion. With a bit more Googling, I've now found the photo below, of the station after the fire.While the front gable in the photo you've posted is quite clearly bluestone, in this photo that same gable might well be adduced to be built of sandstone, of brick, or even to be rendered. That surely can't be, so it has to be the result of the same photographic effect as I've suggested above.BTW, you can clearly see that the exposed chimney is made of bluestone blocks, but is rendered where it protruded above the roof.

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