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Blue Mountain and Reading Railroad 4-6-2 number 423 getting ready for the day’s tourist train. Between 1902 (when the first locomotives of the wheel arrangement were produced) and 1930, about 6800 locomotives of the type were built for US and Canadian service.
One reasonably accurate estimate of the number of steam locomotives produced for Class 1 US and their Canadian equivalents are 75,000 units.

1406 belonged to the last group of five PS-4s, delivered in 1929; note the eight-wheel tender in contrast to the twelve-wheel tender of No. Their evaporative heating surface was 3690 square feet, and their superheating surface 905 square feet. The PS-4 was a refinement of the USRA heavy Pacific design, the principal modification being a reduction of the driver diameter from 79 to 73 inches.

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