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This 8" x 8" Core Polypropylene Strapping can perform tasks such as box closure, bundling, and palletizing.
With the support of the Chairman, Sir Josiah Stamp, Stanier is credited with modernising the LMS fleet of generally small steam locomotives with a larger, modern and more powerful array of designs.
There are some compromises on detail accuracy due to the condition and usability of the 40+ year old tooling. Soon after his appointment, Stanier also focused on refurbishing and standardising the Coach stock of the LMS and developed the Period III LMS coaches which later became known as Stanier Coaches.

However, we feel the model captures the essence of the Period III coach design well and offers an extremely affordable way of building up a fleet of pre or post nationalised fleet of LMS coaches. The embossed diamond shaped pattern on the poly strapping increases efficiency and prevents shifting when being used with a machine or buckle; this strapping works well with tabletop and semi-automatic strapping machines. These designs were extremely popular and successful and many were still in service in the mid 1960’s. Dapol have strived to ensure livery and colour details have been captured and are comparable to the originals, including the roof level gold lines.

The .027" GA polypropylene strapping has been designed to handle the break strength of 500 lbs.

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