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Susan's black light will pinpoint exact spots for quick enzyme treatment.*QUICKLY REVEAL PET URINE* Find any hidden dry dog, cat and rodent stains easily that are otherwise invisible under the human eye.
It was the size of a small cat, with a sweet face and slow, deliberate movements, quite unlike those of a house rat or any other rodent that I had ever seen.
The removal of mines is an arduous process that normally requires the use of metal detectors or highly trained sniffer dogs.

But in the late 1990’s Frank Weetjens, a Belgian mine-removal specialist, realized that pouched rats could make great mine detectors – they have an unparalleled sense of smell, and their calm nature and intelligence makes them easy to train.
Earwigs are not insects that are usually thought of as something to be found on other animals, but members of the suborder Hemimerina are specialized parasites of rodents.

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