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While common fruit flies, also known as "vinegar flies", are annoying, they don't pose a major threat to humans. Drain fly wings look like tiny moth wings, while fruit fly wings look similar to house-fly wings.Eliminating fruit flies means eliminating their food sources. Despite their moniker, fruit flies like to eat all kinds of festering food bits, not just ripening fruit.

Pretty much any food source will attract fruit flies, including little bits of fruit and vegetable scraps, unrinsed cans in the recycling bin, and dirty mop heads with food particles stuck on them.
Drains that have a buildup of organic matter in them, and wet areas under sinks, are common breeding areas for fruit flies.Pesticides won't help much in controlling fruit flies in the kitchen. Pouring bleach down the drain will not eliminate the ongoing problem of standing water and organic matter in the P-trap and organic matter coating the inside of the pipe, so it is not advised.Kitchen cleanliness is key to reducing the presence of fruit flies.

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