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If you want to do so, the next step would most probably be taking up a loan offered by banks. In Malaysia, the type of loan which can be taken up for buying a car is known as a flat interest rate.
Over the course of 5 years, the total payable amount where principle (RM20,000) plus interest (RM5,000) is equivalent to RM25,000 which is RM416.67 per month.

Another example which could be used for comparison purposes would be for an imported car such as the Hyundai Elantra with a loan of RM60,000 for a duration of 7 years. With the above information, you may find choosing the best rate is just a finger away by visiting the respective bank’s website to get the best rate for your choice of car. Look no further, whether it is a brand new set of wheels or a used car, you have every reason to check out the comparison of car loans offered by banks.

We have taken the hassle to check out the interest rates offered by these banks and simplify your hunting for the best car loan.

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