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Somewhere in the beginning I told you that I was touched by the decrease in car sales in the USA.
I lived in California, so it is little bit better than in other States but new cars dropped in sales significantly anyway. Today we would like to honor those who served … Thank you for your service and your sacrifice.
Remember, most people don't sell or trade their old car unless they are having problems with it, spending too much on repairs or just plain hate it.
You are always better off buying a used car or truck from an individual because you can look them in the eye when you ask questions about the vehicle's maintenance and repair history, and whether or not the vehicle is in good running condition and is reliable.
Test the lights, turn signals, horn, wipers, radio, heater, air conditioner and other accessories.
Most used cars are sold "as-is," which means if anything goes wrong with it after you buy it, so sad too bad. GM has created an interactive website that shows the pitfalls of buying used cars that are not GM certified. Ford Focus ignition switch problems, rear brake problems, transmission failures, chassis springs breaking.
When buying a late model vehicle, it is a good idea to have the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) researched to see if the vehicle has had any accidents in the past, been flood damaged or stolen.

Other sources for advice when shopping for a used car or truck include online auto blogs (read what kind of problems people who own certain vehicles are complaining about). If you know a mechanic or take your vehicle to a shop you trust, ask your mechanic what he thinks about a particular make or model of vehicle.
As a car dealer, a manager actually, for one of the brands I was making much less money than expected.
When you buy a second hand car you may spend for it a fortune as well, everything depends on its make, year, condition but normally when you consider doing so the reasonable price is the most important thing. When the you can choose between, let’s say two Ford Mustangs one brand new, and the second one 3-5 year-old and cheaper so much that you can buy a set of spare tires, have it varnished, insured and repaired what would you do? Even some car dealers I hired thought that if they have the job this all they are expected to do. She took her old Ford Mondeo to a used car center and she got a great discount on her “new” vehicle. When you take the numbers into consideration it will appear that the used car sales did not drop down so significantly as the brand new ones.
And indeed, this is a good chance to buy a car of your dreams, not the most recent dreams, but who did not want to drive a Mustang at least once in their life? You get the warranty for every single part of it, there is no rust in the most hidden places and there is no mold in the air con.

So would any of us buy a used car if we could afford swapping for new ones every time we need change? Maybe the second hand car dealers have more flexibility as there are fewer limits they are expected to obey and rules to follow. The price and money they can save on the purchase became the most important aspect of the whole deal. In those difficult times we have been through people decided to go for used cars for many reasons.
And these $200 is sometimes impossible when it comes to a new car as the producer needs to take the right amount for it. Used car dealers make it easier for them, as the negotiation is more effective and they leave the place in much better atmosphere.

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