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Advertised rates for car loans, mortgages and even some credit cards are tantalizingly low, promising big savings for borrowers who can refinance. Here are three loans that can be difficult to refinance, as well as strategies for lowering your rate if you are stuck with one of them. If you bought a new vehicle with little or no money down, or if you're driving a clunker, refinancing it may be tough. Lenders who finance car loans are typically looking at the borrower's credit and income, as well as the value of the car as collateral for the loan. How to refinance: Check with three lenders -- such as a local bank or credit union, or online lenders -- to find out what's available. The alternative: Sell the vehicle yourself and find a way to come up with the cash -- or line up a personal loan -- to pay off any remaining balance.
Despite some recovery in the housing market, an estimated 10 million - 14 million or so homeowners are in negative equity -- meaning their home is worth less than they owe.
There aren't a lot of truly great options for the majority of homeowners in this situation. How to refinance: First, check whether your loan is owned by Fannie or Freddie and eligible under HARP 2 guidelines. Student loans aren't impossible to refinance, but it can be tricky, depending on the type of loans you have. If you have private student loans, you'll typically need a strong credit score and steady income to refinance those loans. How to refinance: Read the consolidation checklist provided by the Department of Education first.
The alternative: If your federal student loan payments are too high, check out the Income-Based Repayment Program, including its new iteration Pay As You Earn. Know Your Value: In the case of a car loan, you'll want to know the trade-in or wholesale value of your car before you start negotiating with a lender.
Know What You Owe: Ask your lender for a payoff figure on the loan, which may be different from the balance shown on your most recent statement. It is always a good idea to go to your local bank and at least see what their auto loan options are. There are many consumers needing a car who want to take an auto loan even if they do not have a credit yet.
There are several types of credit cards but the ones recommended for borrowers with no credit are secured and limited purpose credit cards. Getting a credit card with titles Visa or MasterCard on it is not wrong if you have no credit yet.
Your efforts will be useless if you will not make the most out of the opportunity of establishing a good credit.
India has several good government and private banks that offer different Car Loan schemes with varying interest rates. Government run banks generally would have strict regulations when compared to private run banks. That's because you may be upside down on your loan -- you owe more than the vehicle is worth; or the value of your vehicle is so low that the lender may not want to be saddled with it if you default.
You may be able to refinance a three-year loan to a five-year one, for example, thereby lowering your monthly payment, says Reed.
The Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) was expected to make it much easier for these homeowners whose loans are owned by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac to refinance into a lower rate and smaller payment, but the program has been hampered by a lack of interest from the lending community.

Consider selling your home with a short sale, trying to get a loan modification, or even finding out whether bankruptcy can help make your mortgage affordable. Most private lenders will charge a 1 percent origination fee in addition to the interest rate that is charged. If you decide to proceed with consolidating your federal student loans, you can do so online through the government's Direct Consolidation Loan website.
Both of these programs offer loan forgiveness after 10 - 25 years, depending on the program for which you qualify. Remember, you could be saving hundreds -- or thousands -- of dollars over the life of your loan. Check your credit reports and scores at least a month in advance, if possible, to give you time to fix any mistakes you find. In the case of your home, ask two or three real estate professionals for their opinion of the value.
Since you most likely don’t have enough cash in savings to purchase a car outright, you have to obtain a car loan. Many banks have loan policies that are conservative, so not everyone can qualify for an auto loan from a bank. However, if you have shopped around and not qualified for financing, you may be able to get a good auto loan from a dealership. There is actually no problem with this since it is possible through auto loans no credit programs which are mainly for people with no credit history yet. Although lenders may not really require that you have a bank account when applying for a loan, it is a strong proof when it comes to income verification.
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It is natural for buyers to get confused looking at completely varied Auto Loan rates and schemes. One would be government run banks like State Bank of India, Union Bank, Punjab National Bank etc. Hence Car Loan interest rates from government banks may not be as attractive like those of private banks. You will be getting maximum one mail in a day (Only if new ads of your interest is posted on You can unsubscribe at any time. Another option: "You may be able to roll your negative equity into a new auto loan," he says. If you stretch out the process you may wind up with multiple inquiries on your credit reports, which can hurt your scores.
That lack of equity makes it very hard to refinance, and makes the news about historically low rates a painful tease for millions who would like to be able to take advantage of them.
And if you are successful in refinancing under HARP or another program, you may wind up in another trap: paying for mortgage insurance for many more years to come. The benefits are that you can consolidate multiple loans into a single loan, and loans with variable rates may be consolidated into a fixed rate with a repayment period of up to 30 years.
Note, you probably won't see the exact score that your lender will use, but you can at least get an idea of where you stand.
This is standard practice in the car industry and while there are a variety of different loan types, it is important to know where exactly you can find a good auto loan. All you have to do is enter in information pertaining to the region where you reside and you will get loan offers that are fit to your location.

However, if you meet the qualification requirements, you will likely be able to get access to a great loan with a low rate. Most dealerships have the ability to give customers access to the best financing terms possible. These people are usually first time borrowers, students, foreigners, and people with a really poor credit.
Since you have no credit, lenders would look at your income instead to come up with a decision.
There are simple ways by which you can compare and contrast Car Loan rates offered by different banks. Here you will have to make a choice whether to go for attractive rates by private banks with possible hidden costs or go for government banks that are much safer to deal with. Finally, if your loan is not owned by Freddie or Fannie, or if you have a large second mortgage that's also underwater, you may be stuck. VA or FHA loans are easier to refinance, and you can contact any mortgage professional that offers those kinds of loans.
However, you may also wind up paying more over the loan run, or you may lose important benefits such as certain interest rate discounts or loan cancellation benefits available for some types of loans. Shopping for a great car loan does not have to be an overwhelming process if you know where to look. Not all local lenders are included on this site, so if you want to search what local lenders might be offering it is important to remember this site doesn’t offer many of those auto loan options. It is still a good idea to do some research and compare loan options to see which gives you the best rate and financing terms.
Despite such opportunities, it is still better for people with no credit to establish a good credit first before applying for an auto loan. Having a bank account with records of consistent deposits is a strong proof of a stable income. Meanwhile, limited purpose credit cards are those that can only be used at specific locations and for certain purposes.
They keep getting in deeper and deeper (debt)." He adds that in some cases the dealer may be offering a rebate on the new car that can help offset some of the negative equity.
We have a 99% success rate with all our applicants.Fill in the form on the right and get instant approval on your loan.
It is best to go into a dealership with a guaranteed auto loan in your hands, this allows you to have the most bargaining power. The only trick is to make sure that your credit is good enough to meet the requirements for auto loan approval. Make sure also that this activity is reported by the credit card company to the credit bureaus. This is the most important thing you should not neglect if you are aiming to keep a good credit.
Do not also apply for too many accounts as this activity will reflect on your credit report. If you are disciplined with your finances, there is no doubt that you will be able to establish a good credit and get approved for auto loans no credit programs easily.

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